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Bangladesh Ambassador to USA urges the expatriate business community to promote trade and investment in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Ambassador to USA urges the expatriate business community to promote trade and investment in Bangladesh.

On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce in Dallas, Texas, Bangladesh Ambassador to USA  Akramul Qader addressed the expatriate business community recently at a reception held at the Marriott Hotel, Dallas. The reception was attended by the members of the Chamber and their friends and family.

Mr. Masud Chowdhury, President of the Chamber received the Ambassador as Chief Guest and introduced the Chamber members to the Ambassador. Recognizing the Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce in Dallas as one of the most organized expatriate business group in the USA, Ambassador Qader congratulated the members on its 10th anniversary. While appreciating the current existing trade relations between Bangladesh and USA, he expressed the need for diversification of Bangladesh’s export beyond ready-made garments. Referring to various business opportunities like Pharmaceuticals the Ambassador advised the Chamber members to impress upon the traders in the USA to import pharmaceuticals from Bangladesh. He also encouraged the expatriate businessmen to invest in Bangladesh, either in joint venture or on their own in shipbuilding, dredging etc, and informed them that these industries have got markets both in Bangladesh and abroad.

Ambassador Qader also updated the expatriate businessmen about various initiatives of the Government for the safety and welfare of the workers as well as for promotion of foreign investment in Bangladesh. He urged the business community to assist the Government with resources, technology and expertise. The Chamber members thanked the Ambassador for his insightful remarks and interacted with him on various issues related to investment opportunities in Bangladesh.

Earlier on 25 April, Ambassador Qader attended a community reception organized by the Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT). Speaking on the reception, the Ambassador requested the community members to engage more deeply with the local Congress members so that the US Congress formulates more policies that would benefit Bangladesh. Ambassador Qader responded to various questions of the community members on Consular and welfare issues.

Besides, His Excellency the Ambassador interacted with the community members via a live interview at a local radio station called ‘Radio Adda’.

In addition to the reception programmes of His Excellency the Ambassador, Bangladesh Embassy’s mobile Consular team provided consular assistance to the expatriates in Dallas on 26th and 27th April.

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