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Islami Bank provides Special services at Trade Fair

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited is providing special services this year to the visitors and the participating companies from home and abroad at Dhaka International Trade Fair.

The Bank officials at the pavilion are providing information to the visitors about different types of accounts, investments and services of the Bank. Visitors can open new account of any branch of the Bank, deposit and withdraw money from the Pavilion. The visitors can also open mCash mobile banking account.

A deposit machine (IDM) has been installed in a corner of the Pavilion for depositing money at any branch of the Bank. Businessmen in the fair can deposit the sales money to avoid the risk of carrying cash. Besides they can withdraw money from the ATM booth.

Islami Bank is working for sustainable development of the country. The bank conducts its investment operation giving priority of human need. The pavilion is decorated with five basic needs such as food, clothing, accommodation, treatment and education. A jute belt has been placed at the pavilion to revive the lost glory of the golden fiber in Bangladesh.

The pavilion has been decorated with pigeon, symbol of peace. A transparent bridge has connected the floating bridge. Fountain, handicrafts and photos of the toiling people of the rural Bangladesh has added aesthetic beauty of the pavilion.

Visitors throng to the pavilion for snapshots. The pavilion of Islami Bank was awarded for three consecutive years in different category.

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