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LGBT dialogue with media and sexual minority people

With the continuing and rapid rise of SRHR needs among sexual minority communities, we understand from our working experience that along with regular targeted interventions, the related stakeholders who can influence in policy making and changing, also need to be sensitized on the issues of sexual minority groups for ensuring true, meaningful and effective response.

Now that BSWS has rolled out its 4th media fellowships and awarded the journalists for working towards its cause, we believe that it is the high time to involve the journalists more into our initiatives to ensure facilitation in creating enabling environment, promote justice and human rights for this sexual minority groups.

Considering the context above, BSWS is planning to hold a dialogue & sharing meeting with media personnel’s and community people on May 20, 2015. This dialogue session will directly contribute to make a future path to work on media advocacy program. In this dialogue program, a significant number of media personnel’s will be invited along with community people, BSWS lawyers group and also the BSWS staff members with a view to –

· Impart clear and correct understanding on the needs and issues of sexual minority populations.
· Make the voices of sexual minority heard and understood by the media journalists
· Sensitize the journalists with correct knowledge and information which will meaningfully contribute to raise mass awareness through news, reports and activities

This event is organized as part of IDAHOT-2015 Celebration and will be a two hours long dialogue from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. at BSWS Head Office Conference Room followed by lunch.

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