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Migration to Germany as a Physician: The Process in-Details…

If you’re trying to migrate yourself to Germany as a physician or doctor, you have to know the process. And unfortunately, the process is not easy at all. It is absolutely a complex process. Especially for doctors with MBBS as this diploma is bachelors diploma while European diploma for doctors is M.D. which is a   Read More…»

Radio Farda

Radio Farda is an Iranian Radio station but its headquarter is at Prague, Czech Republic and the official language is Persian, but it has two other languages-English and Arabic . Radio Farda is was launched on December’2002, under supervision of its parent organization broadcasting board of governors. And it is run by United States Information   Read More…»

Radio Javan

Radio Javan is one of the most radio station in Iran. Its head office is at Washing DC, USA. But its official language is Persian. Radio Javan is basically music station.  This is also the first online radio station in Persian language. It plays Persian music most of the on-air time. Radio Javan plays different songs   Read More…»

Iran Emrooz

Iran Emrooz is an Iranian political online magazine. It was established in 1998. From first day it is web-based and does not have print version. The language of the media is Persian. The authority claims that Emrooz is run by a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any political parties.  It wants to ensure human   Read More…»

Tasnim News Agency

Tasnim News Agency is one of newly established and influential private news agency in Iran. It was established in Tehran on November’11, 2012. Its owner is Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization-IIDO and Majid Gholizadeh is the key person of the media. Tasnim News is one of the most visited news portal in Iran. Alexa Traffic Rank says that the   Read More…»


Iran labour News Agency-Ilna is supposed to provide news on Iranian labour system and trade unions. Though it is a news portal it plays an important role to ensure labour rights in the country. It covers every events on labour based topic. It raises public opinions when any worker is oppressed at anywhere in the   Read More…»

khabar Online

Khabor Online is an Iranian news portal. Though the authority claims to be impartial and independent, the media house is very close to Iran’s moderate conservatives.  It is said to be the most visited web portal in Iran.  Launched in 2009, Khabor Online has a strong position in Iranian media. The headquarter of the media   Read More…»


IRIB TV3 is one of the 32 tv channels in Iran. Its owner is Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and run under TV3 network. Iranian government is responsible to recruit, make policy,  select program subjects of the channel. It was launched in 1993. It went for broadcast in the same year with the slogan youth   Read More…»

The Iranian

The Iranian is a US based Iranian web-portal. It can be called an online magazine. The Iranian was founded in 1995. It is a specialized online news portal to tell the story of the Iranian Diaspora.   The magazine gives news, buzz, events, opinions and more for the Iranian diaspora.The Iranian publishes news categorically on art   Read More…»

I Film

  IFilm is one of the best entertainment television channels in Iran. The channel is also very popular around the world. The Tehran based channel was established on September 2010 with a view to present the Iranian films and series to the global audience. It has three languages-Persian, English and Arabic and broadcasts worldwide. The slogan   Read More…»

ABNA News Agency

AhlulBayt News Agency-ABNA is one of the biggest news agency in Iran. It was estblished on March 15, 2005. Qom and Tehran based news agency has several offices in big cities of Iran. It has also some bureau offices outside the country.  Sayyid Ali Reza Husseini is the managing director of the media. ABNA got license   Read More…»


Shargh is one of the few reformist newspapers in Iran. The paper is said to be very popular among open minded readers for its anti-government stance. Shargh was established in 2003. by  Mehdi Rahmanian. Its founding chief editor was Mohammad Ghouchani. Ahmad Gholami is the current editor. The word “Shargh” means “East”. The Tehran based newspaper’s language is Persian. Their   Read More…»


Donya-e-Eqtesad is one of the center-right newspapers in Iran. The Persian language newspaper was founded in October’ 2002. Alireza Bakhatiari, the CEO of  Taban Media Group, otherwise known as DEN established the media. Ali Mirzakhani is editor of Donya-e-Eqtesad, and they have 200 staffs. Their daily circulation is 50,000. The group words Donya-e-Eqtesad stands for “world of economics”. The paper   Read More…»

Arman Daily

Arman Daily is one of the most popular newspapers in Iran. The headquarter of the media is in Tehran. Their language is Persian. The daily paper covers every event happening in Iran.  Their main focus is current political affairs. They also give emphasis on social issues, economy, culture and art, health, morality. The paper has   Read More…»