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A quick guide to the best email marketing tool

In this present age of science and technology, email marketing is gaining momentum. The key reason behind email marketing is the smooth operation and reaching the target audience in time. Besides, the process is useful too. To increase sales and boost your business, there are few alternatives than email marketing. But most of the cases, the users of email marketing are in trouble. They cannot find out the right tool for them. Some of them get some tools which prove ineffective. Besides, there are issues related to customer service. The end-level users do not get the right customer service. Once the products are sold, the sellers pay the least attention to the products’ after-sales service.
Hence, a comparison of five top email marketing software is here. They will guide the email marketers to select the best one for their needs. Regardless of your business size and category, you can have the best services from any one of them.

Constant Contact

Considered as the best email marketing tool, Constant Contact is on the leading position. The tool can serve small business effectively. The automated software can handle a notable amount of data and information. The best impressive feature of the service is its free trial. The service provider is providing a 60-day free trial for the clients while the scope is shorter for the others. The user-friendly interface makes the experience happier. Using the software is simple too. Anyone with least operational knowledge can use the Constant Contact for email marketing.

Prominent features
– 60 days free trial
– User-friendly interface
– Automated software
– Event management tool
– Social media tool
– Coupon download feature
– Several integrations
– Specific templates
– Attractive dashboard
– Email metrics
– Live Chat
– Telephone support
– Different marketing plans


The saying goes that simplicity is the best policy. So, if you want some simple email marketing plans, MailChimp is the best one for you. The tool is applicable for bloggers too while the website on smaller-scale business can also apply the software. Besides, the free plans also help the users to decide on pursuing the plans. The parent organization of MailChimp is one of the dominating email marketing solution providers. Using the parent platform of this software, around one billion email services are sent. However, few of the critical features of MailChimp are here. They will help potential users to know more about the services.
– Social media integration
– Template selection
– Easy customization
– Advanced email marketing tools
– Contact segmenting
– Service integration
– App integration
– Time zone based sending
– A/ B testing
– Unlimited free plan


Some of the relatively new platforms are emerging on the market and Drip is one of them. The platform is a perfect one for the bloggers. Besides, it can also serve the email marketers with premium features. The platform is also suitable for e-commerce site owners. They can use the platform for their everyday needs. However, if you are a beginner, this is the best email marketing tool for you. Besides, it has some advanced features as well. Few of the critical elements of this platform are explained here for a comprehensive understanding of the users.
– User-friendly
– Automation tools
– Selling different products
– Deep understanding of clients
– Tracking the purchasing behaviour
– Track metrics
– Customized messages
– Monitoring changes of the users
– Text messages
– Social media integration
– WordPress integration
– Different user plans


If you are looking for a powerful and masculine email marketing tool, SendInBlue is the right one. This software is customized for the users who are running low in their budget. So, the features are a bit less but they are strong enough to meet the needs. The idea of developing the tool was emerged for exchanging transaction-based email alone. Later, the developers have taken care of the platform and made it a strong one to serve email marketing needs. Now, the users can also send SMS too with the software alongside email marketing.
The platform is easier to use, and there are several plans. The most impressive issue is that it offers a few free plans for the users. The most remarkable features of SendInBlue are as followed.
– SMS campaigns
– Sturdy performance
– Limited free plans
– Email layout optimization
– Reporting about campaign
– Management of recipient list
– Third-party integration
– Great for business
– Best for individuals
– Up to 300 emails a day
– Unlimited number of contacts


If you are seeking something better than an email marketing tool, you need GetResponse. The developer of the platform has integrated some of the best-known features for the convenience of the users. There is a landing page on the platform which increases the attraction. Besides, the webinar solution is a special attachment for the users. This is an all-in-one email marketing solution for any business and individuals. The user base of GetResponse is over 350,000. It shows the sign of the popularity of the platform. With the combination of the landing page and the webinar, the users can bring a massive change in their business.
However, the other features of this particular platform are also lucrative. Few of the key elements of GetResponse include:
– Drag and drop builder
– List segmentation
– Autoresponder
– Additional software integration
– A/ B testing
– Perfect Timing feature
– Library for solutions
– Customer support
– Live Chat
– Phone communication
– Best for medium business
– Wealth marketing feature
– Suitable for non-technical people
– Intuitive operation
– Several email plans
– 30-day free trial

Which one to pick

Considering all the features, it is evident that Constant Contact is the best one. The platform provides a large number of features while the cons of this software are limited. The article is about the pros alone and thus, and the disadvantages are not included here. But bear in mind that each of the platforms has its flaws. Some of the platforms allow the free trial for a limited period while some others do not have free plans. Moreover, there are no customer care services at all for some of the email marketing tools.

Considering the grounds, Constant Contact is suitable in all aspects. It comes with a free trial of 60 days while the interface is user-friendly. The automated software has reduced the efforts of the users while they can also manage the events automatically as well. The pricing plans are simple too, and anyone of any level can avail the plans. So, it would be wise to select Constant Contact for email marketing and make the business a successful one.

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