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About Us is a great source of information about all kinds of media portal worldwide. We are calling this platform as ‘gateway of the media-world’. So anyone can easily understand what are we going to give our user. Basically is a service-oriented organization.

We have a vast collection of world-media links. You can use it easily to find any media house website. If you want to visit huge websites in a moment, we can assure you that is the best one. It’s a place where you can find all of media sites in a single platform.

We have a number of quality workers in team. All of them were completed their higher education from the public universities. They are really hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic and self motivated to give service our clients and users. Our team leader Mr. MD Mahmudul Hasan is a prominent journalist in Bangladesh.

Mr. Hasan already achieved more than a dozen media awards for his extra-ordinary reporting in many fields. More than half dozen reports awarded from the United Nation offices, such as WFP, UNAIDS, UNDP etc. Currently MD Mahmudul Hasan is doing his duty as Editor and CEO. Already he has passed thirteen years in journalism arena.