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Afghan journalist threatened after presentation about Taliban and HIA

img_8211Afghan journalist threatened after presentation about Taliban and HIA. Mirwais Jalalzai, a freelance reporter with TRT World News and human rights stories writer in capital Kabul, has been threatened with death after attending an international media conference where he criticize a Jehadi group and a well know warlord for killing and treating afghan journalists after the pull out of international forces from Afghanistan.

In a presentation to international media conference which was attended by more than 500 journalist from around the world , which was held in September 2016 in Nepal he accused Gulboden Hekmatyar the leader of HIA Jihadi group and Taliban both for treating and killing journalists.

He also accused the Afghan government for the culture of impunity and added; still the killers of Afghan journalists are walking free on the roods.

Mirwais Jalalzai’s sister Freshta Jalalzai told Allmedialink, that unidentified callers, probably from the government of Afghanistan or from the HIA or Taliban, had threatened Mirwaisl’s family with death on the night of Thursday 24 Nov 2016.

“At 8:10pm an unidentified caller, speaking Pashto language, abused me and warned me that I and Mirwais Jalazai’s wife and two kids could be ‘eliminated’ within a few hours,” she said. The caller went as far as to say that nobody could ask him about their deeds.

That warning is in a time when Mirwais Jalalzai is in US and the family forced him to stay here for his own safety and they called him from Kabul to do not return to the country because his life might be at risk.
In a text to us from Atlanta city of, US, he said: I am afraid to return to Afghanistan and I am very worry about the safety of my family in Kabul.

“In Afghanistan I was member of Afghan Journalist union and also a familiar media face to everyone, and it will be easy for anyone to find me and kill me.

He said, his family shafted to another secret place from their home and they are very worry about their future in Afghanistan.

The Taliban and other extremist groups aim to fail democracy in Afghanistan by killing the educated and limiting the flow of free information to the Afghan public.

Mirwais Jalalzai meanwhile, condemned the threatening calls to his family in Kabul and said such warnings were aimed at muzzling the free media. He said the Taliban and HIA had been at odds with his recent presentation about their abuse.

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