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The media outlets in Cameroon consists of print, broadcast and online media. The media outlets in the country enjoy some sort of freedom than the neighbors. But most of the influential outlets are controlled by the government and hence there are fewer chances for the state’s important information to get leaked in public. The country got its independence in 1960 and shares its borders with Nigeria, Chad and some other countries of Central Africa. The rate of literacy is higher in this country and thus the newspaper readership has soared than the neighboring states.
Since the beginning of the country as an independent nation, the press started its activity. And within a short time, there were several dailies in the country with the full operation. They conveyed different types of news and information to the audiences across the country. The newspapers mostly contained the general information for the readers. And in that time, it was difficult to manage too many interesting news at the present time. Gradually, the other types of media outlets have started their journey in the country. And now the number of newspapers and other types of media outlet is increasing gradually. Besides, almost all the print media outlets are having an increased circulation in the current days too.
The media outlets are operated using different kinds of languages. English is one of the primary languages that the mainstream media outlets apply to broadcast and print their news and information. Most of the publications focus on the local issues and they are widely accepted as well. Some of the publications are regular while the others are published in an interval. The satirical publications are also popular in the country and they make a satire of different issues.
Around three news agencies are operating in the country at present and they are working freely. The country also celebrates the press freedom day annually and this is true that the country is liberal to press. The media freedom has not been violated so far and the journalists are also happy with the situations. the country also promotes freedom of media across the country and information sources are accessible to the journalists.
Six print media outlets are dominating the country. A few of them are dailies while the remaining are biweeklies. The media outlets are published using different languages including English and the readership is higher. The newspapers provide various types of news and information of varied interests to the readers.
The number of television channels is six in the country and one of them is state owned. The television outlets broadcast their programs using English and other local languages. The broadcast media is also a great source of entertainment for the people. A good number of people have their access to television channels and they enjoy local and international programs as well.
Around 30 local and regional radio stations are available across the country and they have been operating in the country from a long ago. The radio stations usually broadcast general information for the listeners. And a strong nationwide network has made it easily accessible for the audiences.
The rise of the internet is also a noticeable matter. People have been internet since 2000 and now the number of users has increased greatly. They mostly use the internet to know about the news and views of the world. Many of the local newspapers have their internet outlets and provide content to the visitors.

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