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Cape Verde is an archipelago in the Western African Region. The islands are made of volcanic remains and now is populated with a good number of people. The President is the head of the state while the Prime Minister plays the role of government head. Everything is going well with the islands. The nation became independent from the colonial rule in 1975 but some of the influences of the colonial era are still prevailing. The Portuguese people colonized the islands during the 15th century and now the archipelago is enjoying freedom.

Media outlets have enough freedom to express the thing they want to share with the people. Most of the media outlets apply their local language either to broadcast or to print the contents. But some foreign languages like English is also used often by the media outlets to publicize the media contents. The number of literacy is higher in this region than the neighboring states and thus the readership of newspapers is higher here. People also love to enjoy television shows but the listenership of radio broadcast is a bit lower for the region.

The traditional media outlets of the country are formed with print, electronic and online outlets. But few of the media outlets are state-operated. With the passing of time, the emergence of private media outlets is also noticeable and they come with a difference. The private media outlets contain almost all the entertaining elements that people need. So, they are popular than the state-run media outlet in all terms.

But the media outlets experienced some troubles during 2001. The government closed some of the outlets with the excuse of developing new information policies. It had a negative impact on the readers of the readers across the nation. But the remaining publications were going on. Later, the situation was resolved.

In line with the daily newspapers, there are some weeklies and biweeklies are also available in the region that has drawn attention from the readers and all other people. In fact, the remaining other publications helped to the mainstream media outlets to survive. The monthly periodical is also popular in the country and has a good readership. And another government publication is available twice in a week. Majority of the publications are available in the Portuguese language.

At present, there are nine newspapers are published in the country as part of print media outlets. Some of them are dailies while the remaining others are weeklies and biweeklies. The print media outlets contain news and views of various interest. But the print media outlets maintain a self-censorship. They do not carry any information that is a threat to the state or nation.

Among the three television stations, one of them is state-run. The television station usually broadcast in the local languages but there are some foreign language programs are also available. The television is the leading source of entertainment for the local people and easily accessible for everyone.

The islands have 11 FM radio stations and they broadcast different types of news and information for their nationwide audiences. The radios often broadcast different music shows, news, and other programs.

The use of the internets is also increasing in the country and the number is smart. Most of the internet users browse different news website of home and abroad. They also use the internet for social communication.

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