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An appeal to Prime Minister

Honorable Prime Minister,
I greet and Salaam to you as the daughter of the Father of Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Photocopy of all data and information regarding my an application (GEP No. 481 date : 15th April, GEP No. 303 date : 6th April, GEP No. 463 date : 27th April, GEP No. 224 date : 31st August and latest Registry No. .063 date 7th September have been sending for five times to your honor via post and e-mail. But I don’t obtain acknowledgement letter/information regarding this matter on behalf of any official of your Ministry up to now.

I don’t know, whether you come to know regarding the matter. I as a penurious citizen, at the latest step, have come to your shelter expecting Justice, because I have no further way. I expected that I can get your assistance to give and make for the settlement of my father suit lies-pending and to evict the persons have been possessing the disputed land by illegal inducement.

My father have been frequenting till 47 years from door to door of the court to settle with justice the revision (Last Case) suit No. 2075/2005 date : 11.06.2005 (Plaintiff : Sree Gopal Chandra Das and dependent : Badal Chandra Dey and others) applied to High court division. To drag the grinder of suit, he is now, expending about Taka 20 (twenty) Lac and with the burden of Loan, near to mad.

He expended almost money of hardship income behind the suit. It also would be impossible to expedite the suit on my behalf, if you don’t respond toward my application. I would, appearing with my old father at your office narrate and describe all facts of the suit in case of necessity, if you give the opportunity to meet.

Honorable Great Leader,
My mother has died at hard and premature time due to Lack of fair treatment and medicine. We are one brother and one sister, my father fails to continue our study due to lack of money. My father never intend himself to involve with court, Police- Thana, etc. But brutal joke of the fact, I have to ten dance the suit against the grain.

After losing all shelters, my application, expecting to obtain somewhat your shelter, I don’t know whether it will send to you ? We would gain justice, if we acquire your favor and we could evict by legal assistance the illegal possessors. I don’t know, how much burn up the ideological match of my father ? But only belief is that, you are the latest address, the latest confidence and the shelter of the helpless.

I try to describe and submit my application to your honor in a nutshell. Those suits that are disposed of to evict the illegal possessor possessed by putting into practice the opportunity my Father’s innocence, the opposition party able to disappear and destroy all copies of decree of those settled suit (Neutral & Right Judgment) from the court of Patiya and Chittagong, even from the record room.

We are homeless by the persons to whom my father has given the shelter, we have to live in the home of others at inhuman state. The proverb “ Bringing crocodile by digging canal” is correctly enforced due my father’s humanity of innocence and broadness. Consequently he has to give a Fatal charge/duty. Man is for man, my father don’t think that he has to give such fatal charge in lie of benefaction.

My father has Vanquished the Pak-Raider force by directly fighting under the leadership of Mr. Karim, Commander of Dolghat of then in freedom fight of 1971. Consequently he has been shouted. My father, who is a winner in great freedom war, is fatally defeated in his life war.

He don’t receive the certificate of Freedom war, because he believes that, a true Freedom Fighter doesn’t expect to gain something in lieu of devoting mother and earth. The tribulation has come down in the life of my father through the murder of Bangabandhu the father of nation.

He has faced to fateful fiscal crisis when Sultania Iron and Industries mils and then Factory of Aziz Meah had closed in 1975 after the murder of Bangabondhu, in those Factories my father had been served. My father is unwilling to publish and don’t say to anyone regarding the matter of tribulation or disdain to receive the assistance and donation of anyone.

Al Badar-Muzahid Forces had attempted to kill many Freedom fighters after Freedom war. Among whom many were including Abdur Rahman, Md Iddris. In that time my father stayed inform of the home of Burakali, Dolghat. They had also killed him, if a delay is occurred but he revive due to luck. My father is being griever by overlooking to do business with independence acquired by a lot of sacrifice and contortion of the history of freedom war over and over.

According to him, the real Freedom fighters will be dignified through the implement of sensation of Freedom war and the ideology and intention of Bangabandhu. Otherwise no success will be gained by the certificate of Freedom war.

Honorable desired daughter of Democracy,
The defendant of present late Badal Chandra Dey and others (his son Palash Chandra Dey) has been applying illegal pressure and bar to continue this suit. They have been threatening to kill my father. So as to he cannot able to continue this suit to continue and to prosecute the suit of my father.

This idea is created at my petty knowledge that, an honest and moral person could gain justice, if he has both of the money and power. Otherwise there in no way without becoming oppressed, repressed, helpless and destitute. Late Badal Chandra Dey (his son Palash Chandra Dey), Ajit Kumar Dey, Babul Chandra Dey, Mridul Chandra Dey and other have been obstructed to gain justice towards the suit continued for lifetime by thus, illegal impression and money.

At present they constipate the ordinary ways of Law. I as a son of helpless, old father pray for obtaining the order to gain elegant justice towards it and to evict the illegal possessors.
Therefore, Honorable Prime Minister, I pray, wish and hope your cordial Assistance to settle this suit with justice and to evict the illegal possessors.

It is impossible to obtain justice in this suit and to take steps for evicting illegal possessors without your interference. I and my family would be owe and glad forever. If you give the order to settle and dispose of this suit.

​Yours Obedient,

​(Shovan Das)
(Father : Gopal Chandra Das) Bagdondi, Dholghat, Patiya, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Cell : 01789-997700……….Mail : [email protected]

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