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Kuwait City

Kuwait is one of the developed countries of the world. Media in Kuwait is not completely free. In fact, the media is subject to domination in some points. But the ratio of press freedom in this country is far better than the other Arab countries. Media outlets in the country are formed of newspapers, television and radio stations. In a Middle East media ranking, the media in Kuwait has surpassed some other countries in past few years.

The ratio of newspaper publication is more than any other types of media and it has surpassed the other countries too. Some interesting aspects are remarkable regarding the press freedom in Kuwait. The media is able to criticize even the ruling family members and to the government to a notable extent but criticism of the Emir is completely unexpected. Punitive measures are adopted for such activities.

The state-owned news agency, Kuwait News Agency, is the leading one in Kuwait. It supplies almost all types of news to the other agencies and circulates them accordingly. All the other media in the country is regulated by the Information Ministry of Kuwait.

The country strictly maintains some rules about the press freedom. A law has been imposed in the country about some bans. Some of the religious issues should be kept above all types of criticisms. Imprisonment may be imposed on the attackers and law violators. The court will look after the matter.

In Kuwait, newspapers are published in different language including Arabic, English, Urdu, and French. Arabic is the widely used language for newspaper publication. The newspaper authority is highly careful about the press laws and accordingly publish their contents. At present, there are over 20 newspapers are being operated in the country. Among the newspapers, 14 of them are published in the Arabic language while two of them are available in English. The newspapers publish a wide array of issues.

There are 15 television channels in Kuwait. The number of private-owned television stations is 11 while the remaining four are under the government ownership. They broadcast different types of shows and events. The news is the key attraction on the television channels. Some the channels operate in the English language too. Before the operation of a television channel, the authority has to take license and permission from the Information Ministry of the country.

The number of radio stations in Kuwait is around 18. They are operated in languages like English, Arabic, and Urdu. The radio stations are available in both AM and shortwave. The contents of the radio stations vary and most of the times they try to entertain the audience.

The use of online newspapers is also increasing. The number of internet users in Kuwait was three million by 2014. Majority of the internet users browse a wide number of newspaper websites and they use their smartphone for the purpose.

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