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Pago Pago

The name of the territory suggests that the region is under the US influence, and in reality, this is the same. The US has been occupying the territory for a long time. In fact, American Samoa consists of five main islands and there are two coral atolls. The media outlets in the territory are not so much adorable. There are several factors are behind the issue. First of all, the territory population is fewer than the neighboring regions. The number of readerships is lower in the areas. Besides, media presence is not so much vigilant here as this is an island nation. These surrounding islands have special types of features.

The territory is linked with the US in several terms. The total land of the areas is over 75 square miles. In comparison, the areas are slightly bigger than Washington D.C. The US has its owners on two of the islands. Some of the islands in the region are uninhibited. People mostly rely on fishing here for their living. They export Tuna products to the USA.

Though the media history of the region is not so enriched, it has some special histories. The islands were attacked by flu in 1918. The then government declared the areas isolated. And as a result, it became one of the free areas from flu. In fact, the flu spread did not happen here as the preventive measure was taken to control flu. So, the people of the areas remained free of the diseases for a long time. And they thank the governor John Martin for his wise decision.

The islands have the highest rate of military enlistment. In fact, this is the territory from where the people go to join the military. The number has surpassed all the other states of the US. Besides, those who are joining the military have a good performance. They are able to take part in different special events and have signed their best performances. The local people are also expert in using language. Most of them are bilingual. They can smoothly speak the English and Samoan. The Samoan is also used in some other neighboring states as well. So, communication is not a big issue for them.

An interesting issue is prevailing there. Attaining the citizenship is not easy in the islands. Someone born there will not be considered as the citizen. In fact, citizenship is not assured by birth. You are to obtain that through your devotion to the state and by a series of activities that will prove that you are really worthy of the citizenship.

Nothing much is known about the media outlets in the islands. A couple of regional newspapers are available there and they contain some generalized information about the happenings around. Besides, people also do not have that much headache about the surrounding. They are always busy with their respective tasks. The issue of censorship is not available as well. the feature of freedom of the press is available for the running newspapers and other outlets.

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