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Bangladesh Civil Society Position About Climate Change Issues

The representatives of civil society organizations of Bangladesh, on behalf of the most vulnerable people of the country to climate change, appreciate the Government of Peru for hosting the Twentieth Conference of the Parties (CoP 20) during 1-12 December 2014 in Lima, Peru.

We express our profound disappointment to the fact that the global leadership collectively failed to live up to their promises towards settling with firm collective actions as agreed earlier. We are frustrated because a number of Parties have been deliberately wasting time to delay firm actions on major issues to address negative impacts of climate change. There is an absence of urgency in Lima.

The Civil Society Representatives of Bangladesh present here in Lima (CoP 20) call for Urgent Decisions and Clear Roadmap for Actions on the following major issues from Lima, CoP 20.


– NAP process must be facilitated with adequate finance where Local Adaptation Programmes must be supported.
– We demand for establishing a registry system on adaptation financing (which will allow MRV).
– Gender equality in adaptation is absolutely vital as about 50% of world population is women, and adaptation actions must ensure gender responsive policies and action.
– Adaptation goal for 2015 must be an integral part of Lima Outcome/Decisions.


– We demand developed countries to take appropriate measure to limit the temperature raise within a limit of 2°C.
– In line with the urgent action that the science demands, Annex 1 Parties must reduce their emissions by at least 45% by 2020, and 95% below 1990 levels by 2050. The majority of this action must be undertaken domestically in order to guarantee a low carbon global future.


– We welcome the USD 9.8 billion contributions to GCF by Developed countries. However we raise concerns in regards to scaling up, especially till 2020 as the current text leaves a gap regarding finance from 2014 to 2020. We demand a clear roadmap of financing climate action, in particular, for adaptation in developing countries, pre and post 2020.
– We strongly reiterate our demand of public finance for adaptation, which must be new and additional, separated from ODA. We would like to raise our concerns in regards to delayed actions in delivering finance – the cost of adaption today will be much higher post 2020. Therefore, we urge parties to pledge and deliver adequate finance now. It is to be noted that ODA so far has not been able to deliver its expectation to reduce poverty in developing countries where climate change is already causing loss and damage to countries in irreversible manner.
– The commitments of developed countries to provide adequate, new and additional and predictable climate finance to developing countries should be met first and foremost through direct contributions from national budgets. A significant portion should be provided through the new Green Climate Fund.


– Recognizing the adaptation and mitigation needs, all developed parties must provide technology and financial support as well as institutions building at local, sub-national and national levels for long term sustainable growth and infrastructure resilience
– Annex 1 Parties must provide adequate support for socially acceptable and gendered technology research, training, development and diffusion.
– Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) must not hinder the access to necessary adaptation and mitigation technologies.

ADP / 2015 Agreement
We strongly demand for a comprehensive, effective and rightful global deal in 2015. We also note that the deal should be guided by science and equity, including inter-generational equity and increased ambition globally as well as domestically. However, we draw attention to few elements that are uncompromisable in 2015 Agreement and we, as people of the global society, demand
– Loss and damage to be included in the goal as separate section. As loss and damage is due to inadequate mitigation and adaptation action, it must be clarified in a different section. Additional and adequate technical and financial support must be provided to developing countries enabling them to deal with loss and damage. In addition, we continue to call for the establishment and implementation of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage through establishing technical facility and financial facility under Excom of WIM.
– The goal must have reference to GCF
– Under the Cancun Agreement, displacement and migration is one of the agreed outcomes that must be in the 2015 agreement.

We are ready to engage with parties and other CSOs to forge a deal in Paris 2015. However, we shall not accept any unjust, inequitable and unfair deal that paves the pathway of unsustainable development, threatening the planet, and poverty eradication efforts for the present and future generation.

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