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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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By Dilshad Jahan Ananna :: Television is an excellent source of entertainment. The taste of Bangladeshi people become changed by the changing of environment. By the change of time many private TV channels are established for the demand of public and the are producing different types of programs.

Independent TV is now one of the popular viewer choice. It has one of the best live news network. This channel is unique because of its presentation. Independent television is a private 24 hour news channel. It is owned by one of the Bangladesh’s largest conglomerate Beximco Ltd.

Independent television Launched 20th October, 2010 which is owned by the Beximco. Nowadays this is the popular TV channel in Bangladesh. Its head quarters is at Tejgaon Industrial Area in Dhaka-1208 in Bangladesh.

It obtained its license officially from the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) in March 2010. The main content of this TV channel are: Program, Current Information of current affairs, Broadcasting media, 2.1 Television, Online, External Links.

Independent TV mostly covers topics on politics, business, culture, region of Bangladeshi   people, success of ideal persons, TV reality shows, conversational shows etc. It has a live stock exchange update show & also covers shows on many interesting elements. Public   Expectation toward this TV channel is increasing day by day.

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