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UK, Estb. : 1855

The Daily Telegraph is one of the world-famous English dailies which is published from the United Kingdom (UK). This is an English language broadsheet newspaper, published from London by Telegraph Media Group and circulated throughout the UK and internationally. The Daily Telegraph newspaper was founded by Arthur B. Sleigh in June 1855. Since 2004 The Daily Telegraph and Courier has been owned by David and Frederick Barclay. Daily Telegraph had a daily circulation of 523,048 in March 2014, down from 552,065 in early 2013. In comparison, The Times had an average daily circulation of 400,060, down to 394,448.

It is the sister concern of The Sunday Telegraph. It is run independently with a different editorial staff, but there are some cross-usage of stories, and the two titles share in a website.

Newspaper readers can easily take the taste of printed version of The Daily Telegraph  through online: Whatever news and information do you want, you can easily get from their websites archive. Not only that, The Daily Telegraph has also very rich news portal- There you will not get advertise which is published in printed version, but its contents are very useful which can be helpful to develop your daily life.

Till December, 2014; 2,008,480 people liked The Daily Telegraph page in Facebook: So we can imaging that The Daily Telegraph also most popular in world best social media platform. For measuring world wide website ranking by, The Daily Telegraph present position till December 2014, 286 in Global Rank and 294 in United States. Their website bounce rate is 69.10%. Beside that 28.2% reader reads it through internet from United States.

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