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The Daily Manobkantha is a popular Bengali newspaper of Bangladesh. This publication owned by Asian Group. Its Publisher is Zakaria Chowdhury & Acting Editor is Abu Bakar Chowdhury. It’s published from Dhaka.

It has been published since 2012. Though it is a newly published newspaper but already got popularity. Daily Manobkantha’s head office at road 138, Gulshan in Dhaka.

As of May 21, 2014, the circulation of The Daily Manobkantha is around 2,00,000. On Alexa ranking it is in number 294 in Bangladesh. And it’s Global ranking is 66,709 in Alexa. Daily Manabkantha has 12 pages everyday. Its price is BDT 5.

Though it has no feature page but it has huge floating reader. It’s online version is also too much popular. It’s mission is ‘Be the first to know what’s happening around you from the largest and most read Bangla daily newspaper of Bangladesh’.

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