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Bangladeshi Media : At a glance

About Bangladesh
Bangladesh is one of the densely populated country in the world. 160 million inhabitants live in the area of 1,47,570 Square KM. Almost half of the number of people living below the poverty level. 57.5 percent of the population aged above 15 years can read and write. 53.90 percent and 40.80 percent of women between men.

Bangladeshi Media : At a glance
Approve for Government advertisement newspaper : 436
Publish from Dhaka : 566
Publish From Outside of Dhaka : 2475
Total newspaper of Bangladesh : 3041
Total number of TV : 21
Number of Govt TV : 3
FM Radio : 8
Community Radio : 10
Government Radio : 3

New media in Bangladesh
There is no actual data about online newspaper. It may be more than two thousand. But renown at least 20. Every newspaper has an online version. Some Blog are also very popular in Bangladesh. Citizen journalism growing fast.

Language basically Bengali and English. But we have almost 51 dialects. There are also Weekly, Monthly newspaper published from Bangladesh. But newspaper publishes only in Bengali and English language. Number of English daily 33.

Economic System
Bangladesh is an agricultural country. With some three-fifths of the population engaged in farming. Garments industry and expatriate are principal sources of foreign exchange. Our economic growth 5.5 to 6 percent.

Political System
People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The government runs with parliamentary democracy following a constitutional amendment on September 1991.

Reading Culture
Peoples are basically used to in Bengali newspaper. Rate of readers is increasing day by day.

Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh. Muslim almost 80 percent and Hindus almost 10 percent. The remaining people practice other religions such as Buddhism and Christianity.

Freedom of Media in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is facing a crucial time regarding freedom of the media as it is being threatened, controlled, and even put up the shutters by the state apparatus with a view to achieving their designed goals. Though we have a lot of laws like right to information act but journalist are facing huge problems here.

Journalists Organization
We have a lot of journalists’ organization including the National Press Club. Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) is one of the most active associations in Bangladesh, which has 2000 member. We have also journalist union named Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union (BFUJ).

About Mohammad Mahmudul Hasan (Moni Mahmud)

Position: Staff Reporter
Daily Bhorer Kagoj
Published from: Dhaka
Circulation: 0.1 Million
It’s published since 22 years. It was a top circulated newspaper in Bangladesh. But now its circulation declined.
Basically I cover administration, secretariat, environment and human rights issues.
Legal: If it is a crime we call the police. In the other case personal contact.
Political Ideology: Secular, spirit of freedom fights.
Economic condition: Self financed and solvent.
Technology: modern technology. We usually use social networks in our office.

I also work for The Daily Azadi. It is a well-circulated and reputed local daily of Chittagong. It is considered as ‘A-Grade’ newspaper, which has been published since 1965.
I have an online newspaper named
I am a member of Dhaka Reporters Unity and office secretary of Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Association (BCJF). I have already awarded 13 awards and fellowships including four from the United Nations, World Bank, Bangladesh Govt.

After 5 years…
In Bangladesh new media becoming very popular nowadays. As a professional journalist recently I have launched an online newspaper named
And I think it will be a leading online newspaper in Bangladesh. If it has become market leader I will be…

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