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A best sample of field trip plan

Field Visit participants, duration, Car , Accommodation and litinerary

A. Participants- 11 plus two drivers

B. Accommodation:

1. Team A:   Print Media ( 6 members with a driver; 21 April will need accommodation at field and departure at 22 April)

2. Team B :  BTV Team ( 5 members and a driver; need accommodation from 21 April to 23 April stay at field and return on 24th April)

C. Transport : Two  AC  Micro Bus

1.  One AC Micro bus for Team A : Monday to Tuesday; Travel start from  Monday  at 9.00 a.m in 21 April from Press club, Dhaka to Rangpur. Spend Field visit in Kurigram in 22 April  and return from Rangpur to Dhaka Press club at 4.00 pm in 22 April)

2. One AC micro bus for team B: Departure from Dhaka Press club at 9.00 a.m in 21 April.  Move different field sites of Rangpur, Kurigram and Lalmonirhat and return 24 April at 10. 0 a.m in Dhaka Khilgaon and Nababpur


D. Itinerary / Contents of news and meeting point

A. One day seeing is believing about Sandbar cropping and its impacts on extreme poverty reduction ( Break down activities may be the following)

1. Pumpkin fields ( Near by two districts);

2. Interviews with beneficiaries ( Success cases who have good savings, send children school, husband or they have diversified their income)

3. Women and adolescent children who have learned  this technological skills with their education

3.   Storing process of pumpkins

4. Pumpkin traders ( Local stock  sellers )

5. Pumpkin cultivators society

6. Interviews of GoB officials related to agriculture, UNO if available

B. Three days program for detail documentation about PFP /shiree project of Practical Action Bangladesh and GoB:  Including Above all

6. Nutrition workers and beneficiary hh included both pumpkin cultivation and nutrition program

7. GOB officials like DC,  DAO, Upazila Agricultural Officer, UNO, AC land ( Inform that reporters may have short visit for taking opinion interviews)

8. Resilience and well being ( Pumpkins production, access to land, savings scheme , investment for children education, food security in lean period, Male members are spared for migration and earn through daily wage)

9.Mid level income country and required skills : School visit and interviews of teachers ( Primary and Secondary, who dropped out? How having skills employment of father bring good income ( Emphasizing on Pumpkin cultivation ensures food security- creating opportunity for income diversification- sending children for ensuring compulsory primary education- input support for adolescent children for learning skills and economic resilience in the extreme poor beneficiary households)

10. Non farms Light engineering success case studies

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