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Bijoya: Victorious Women

Shagufta Tasnime :: A smiling young girl, a sharp weapon in hand, rebellious eyes, the dream of victory in her heart…

…three women freedom fighters in conversation, topic – the War of Independence.

… people gathered for a major movement. No matter who they are or what they have, they got down to for a revolution. Jharudars with Jharus, farmers with plows, watermen with their oars, everyone got down with everything and anything they had – forming a boat procession. On top of the biggest launch, a girl stood still with a sharp weapon, her name was – Lakshmi.

Lakshmi was in Narayanganj, later on she joined another brave woman freedom fighter from Narayanganj, Farida Akhtar, who lead the Bangladesh Awami Volunteer Battalion to relentlessly serve our brave warriors. And Farida Akhtar? She was perhaps, a young girl in college. “Boys weren’t able to allowed to assemble, they were horded off to jail whenever there was an attempt. That’s why they told us, you should call a rally. We got down, with a big mic in hand on a jeep.

Whoever saw us were baffled, including the Pakistani army. They had laughed, so did we. Then came the rally. It was huge moment, as if every single women from Narayanganj gather right there. We were scared, yet we moved with the microphone in hand, but the moment we opened our mouth we felt the urge of the revolution. Right after that, the torch rally. Ah.” Reminisced the woman while they were talking about the days, the passion was still visible on their faces.

Both the women take Mamtaj Begum as teacher. Memories of the War of Independence and experience, both something Mamtaj Begum had a bigger share of but still, her smile is even bigger. Freedom Figher Mamtaj Begum was the female representative of the Temporary Government “Mujibnagar Shorkar”, formed on 10th April, 1971. For a moment and threw her arms and legs out as a gesture, she became childish for not being able take part directly in the war, “Ouuff! I regret it so much!”. “We all had guerilla training… but Mamtaj apa’s signature is brilliant!”. There was a sense of awe in Lakshmi Chakrabarty’s voice. “Not because of fear, did you know? We didn’t have any weapons to give.” Speaks up Farida Akhtar in sorrow. In the manner, the evening passed by as they spoke about their memories. Any girl from this generation might feel small or little in front of these amazing women, but these women have a sense of pride, of passion in them, that they have spread and still are continuing to do so among the people of the country. To spread stories about their brave escapades and memories, we bring you “Bijoya” to celebrate the victory this month.

War of Independence isn’t about women losing it all, neither is it about tears. We will listen to the merriment of Patriotism, throughout the whole month of Victory. Every Monday listen to the stories of these brave women freedom fighters, brought to you by Unilever, Conceptulaized by Bagher Bachcha Digital and presented by Colours FM. “Bijoya” will be on from 7pm to 8.30pm only on 101.6 FM. You can watch a small video on their bravery on YouTube, directed by Mohd. Abdullah Saad of Khelna Chobi. To know more, click:

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