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Changes The System About Canada Migration

I would like to thanks to you from deep down of my heart for your passion towards immigration Canada successful application with us (
Canada Home).As I have spoken to you before that our organization always transparent in terms of sharing any important news by CIC, So
now I would like draw your attention on few issues recently declared by CIC.

The option retained included all of the above variables, thus the regulatory amendments would Update the FSWC selection grid to
(i) rebalance the points among existing criteria, (ii) introduce mandatory language thresholds,

(iii) require an educational credential assessment by a designated organization, in order to allot points based on a foreign
educational credential’s value in Canada and to better screen out fraudulent or “low-value” credentials, and

(iv) streamline the arranged employment process and reduce the
potential for fraudulent job offers under the arranged employment
factor; Introduce a new FSTC to mitigate barriers to the entry of skilled
trades persons to Canada, in response to labour market needs; and
Ease the transition to permanent residence of TFWs who are
economically established in Canada by reducing the CEC work experience
requirement for the TFW stream.


1. First official language : English

First Official Language: Maximum 24 points ( previously it was 16)

New Mandatory Minimum based on occupation will be declared beginning
of January.( previously no minimum requirement)

2. Second official Language : French

Previously it was 8 maximum (now it has been reduced to 4 maximum)

3. Selection factor : Age

Previously it was maximum 10 maximum from 21 to 49

*Now the maximum point for age is 12 for 18 to 35 years

For 36 years of age 11,37 years 10, 38 years 9,like this less 1 point
per year till 45 and At the age of 46 point will be given 1.and for 47
and over 0 point will be awarded in this section.

4. Selection Factor Work exp:

Previously it was Maximum 21—1 year 15, 2 Years 17, 3 Years 19, and
4 years /more 21

* NOW Maximum –15 for 6 years/more,——4/5 years —-13, 2/3
Years—-11, 1 year–9

5. Selection Factor- Education:

Maximum point is still 25 but it has been reallocated

* Now Doctoral level only—-25, Masters /professional degree—23,
Two or more post-secondary credentials, one of which is a three-year
or longer post-secondary credential–22,Three-year or longer
post-secondary credential—21,Two-year post-secondary credential
—19,One-year post-secondary credential —-15,Secondary school

Note: Points only will be awarded if the foreign credential
recognition is done properly by the designated authority given in CIC

6. Selection Factor Adaptability:

In this section previously point has been given to 3-5 for spouse
education which is now eliminated. Points added for this section for spouse IELTS Which is now maximum -5

7. Selection Factor : Arrange Employment

Maximum point previously was given 10, now also given 10 just they
need to provide L.M.O AND other required documents.

Pass marks of total still 67.

NOTE:It is my request to you that do not get panic because changes
comes for faster immigration and its a routine processes and it very
much possible to have 67 points for successful application.

On be half of Canada Home I would like to wish you a enjoyable EID
with all your nearest and dearest one.”EID MUBARAK”

It is my request to you if you would like to know anything else spcifically do not hesitate to share us.

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