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Charlie Hebdo carnage protest in Dhaka by SAMCAB

South Asian Media Correspondents’ Association Bangladesh (SAMCAB), a journalists group working in Dhaka for various South Asian newspapers holds a rally and a human chain in Dhaka on Tuesday. The protest-human chain at national press club area is the country’s first public protest and condemn program in solidarity for Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris last week.

Rafiqul Islam Sabuj, president of SAMCAB said at the program that the horrific terrorist attack on France’s weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, is no other means but the brutality of extremism; it is as a whole a savage act of terror against journalism.

The murder of journalists and writers at their place of work is a direct attack on the basic values of freedom of speech and of tolerance. He said, though the magazine is a satirist by its character, it cannot be tolerated for any reason and we resolutely condemn it.

Anwarul Karim Raju, the secretary general of SAMCAB said it is yet another reminder of the threat posed by terrorism to all civilised societies, and that it is totally wrong to invoke religion to justify such savagery.

He said, we believe, Islam is a peace-oriented religion, which does not give permission to anyone to do this on the shake of it. He said they would continue fight for freedom and tolerance in the face of this. “All over the world, the media are working with the free-thinkers against the extremism and fundamentalism. In the context of Bangladesh, local media also shows responsive attitude against all kinds of extremism and fundamentalism”, he added.

This incident is another painful reminder that all media of various countries face a common threat from terrorism and religious extremism, he said.

SAMCAB members along with the leaders of Dhaka Journalists Union and members of various orgaisation were present at the program.

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