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The Economic Observer’s English site stopped operations on October 25, 2013. The site is never again being refreshed, yet will even now stay available.

The Economic Observer is an autonomous Chinese week after week daily paper that distributes news and editorial identified with China’s monetary, political and social improvements.

The daily paper is appropriated in real urban communities all through China and is considered by many to be one of the best three monetary centered daily papers in China and is very much respected for its top to bottom exceptional highlights and analysis.

Motivated by the British Financial Times, as of September 2001, the Economic Observer has additionally been imprinted on salmon/peach-shaded paper.

The daily paper is formally enlisted in Ji’nan, the capital of Shandong area and has departments scattered all through the nation.

The Economic Observer’s Chinese and English-dialect sites were overhauled in late 2011 and offer supporters access to all the daily paper’s substance crosswise over different stages. In any case, a large portion of the articles from every week’s daily paper likewise show up on the site at no accuse along of web-just substance which incorporates critique and opinion piece pieces from visitor reporters.

The daily paper’s English-dialect site, highlights select interpretations from the week by week daily paper and the site. The English site likewise distributes unique announcing and meetings.

The Economic Observer highlights seven customary segments: News, Nation, Market, Corporation, Automobile/Property, Observer, Business Review/Lifestyle.

The daily paper likewise used to distribute normal haul out productions that were circulated for nothing with the daily paper. These incorporated a month to month Book Review and a quarterly audit. The EO’s Book Review still shows up once per month yet is fused into the Observer area of the daily paper and is never again distributed as a remain solitary.


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