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Xinmin evening news【Development orientation】

It is the selective data of realistic. To “Shanghai data, quick and far reaching” benefit purposes.【Resource advantages】 depending on Xinmin daily paper solid assets. It is the Xinmin daily paper. Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin, Xinmin Weekly, Xinmin Evening News Community Edition, Xinmin Evening News abroad form. Shanghai Wednesday. New media stage.


At introduce, as an online media, Xinmin Evening News is an essential piece of the spread of the system. And turn into a noteworthy news occasion organize announced the principle constrain. Bear the significant news occasions for the Shanghai region of ​​the realistic. And video communicate report errand. It likewise propelled for the worldwide Chinese. Hover of Xinmin Chinese system to second-hand auto substitution appraisal qualities of the Xinmin auto organize and different locales. In the meantime joined with the general population’s lives. To complete Minsheng hotline and popular feeling overview and different exercises. Really encapsulates To serve people in general, for the general population to take care of the issue of work.

At display, restrictive measure of more than 50 every day articles, a wide range of select content, pictures, video compositions at home and abroad by many plane and online media contending duplicated.


Quick reaction to real occasions, convenient scattering, the utilization of new specialized means and multi-terminal media stage for Internet clients devoted quick, extensive, precise and opportune realistic and video news reports. Data + group, realistic + video enhanced substance introduction for Internet clients to give complete and natural substance administrations, “data embodiment, elite favorable position” – set of hot news at home and abroad in one, concentrating on the selective scope of the news The impact, and endeavor to fabricate enormous, legitimate, quick far reaching Shanghai online media. To serve people in general enthusiasm with the end goal of the daily paper, the Internet, the natural mix of cell phones to accomplish the greatest substance of the spread of value.

Xinmin【development path】

May 8, 2006, Xinmin Evening News authoritatively propelled on-line test Xinmin organize, address

September 9, 2006, Xinmin Network in the Xinmin Evening News 77 commemoration of the fabulous hanging in the balance, as the Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group Xinmin daily paper (Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin Weekly, Xinmin Evening News Community Edition, Xinmin Evening News Overseas Edition, Shanghai Wednesday) The new media stage, expect the Xinmin daily paper perusers and daily paper assets incorporation errands.


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