Cig smokes injuring hospitals

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Cig smokes injuring hospitals

Cig smokes injuring hospitals. Following the Section 4 of the amended tobacco control law, smoking at public places including hospitals is strictly prohibited and punishable offense but investigations have found at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) and Pangu Hospital that the tobacco control law is completely ignored at the hospitals and the premises are covered by the smoke emitted from cigarette burnings, reads a report on the online news portal Bangla Tribune on August 16, 2015 by Jakia Ahmed, an ATMA member.

The report reads that there are many temporary stores available at Pangu Hospital compound and people of different strata are smoking cigarettes and it is also alleged by sources seeking anonymity that event the doctors’ smoke before the Emergency department of the Pangu hospital.

The report also informs that when the temporary stalls are evicted from the front of DMCH, they install again at the same place as the store owners have a good liaison with the Hospital employees, particularly the third and fourth class and they sometimes pay a monthly fee for their business.

Usually the stalls sell cigarettes and betel leaves with chewing tobacco etc. Experts are on the view that such issue is a terrible one for the public health and legal measures should be taken to stop such violation, reads the report. The detail of the report is available on the following link:

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