International Co-operation Agreement with CERN in Geneva

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Bangladesh Completes “International Co-operation Agreement” with CERN in Geneva

Bangladesh has moved one major step closer towards the advanced science and technology, particularly in the field of research of quantum and fundamental physics by signing an “International Co-operation Agreement” with CERN on 12 December 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland. H.E. Mr. M. Shameem Ahsan, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Bangladesh in Geneva, Switzerland signed the instrument of cooperation on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh with Dr. Rolf Heuer, Director General of CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Since the ‘Vision 2021’ of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, had articulated the aspirations of her government for advancement in the field of science and technology for the benefit of the people, this cooperation with CERN was yet another milestone towards that goal, the Ambassador stated at the time of signing the Agreement.

The Director General of CERN also remembered his recent successful visit to Bangladesh and praised the efforts of the Government of Bangladesh for taking the benefits of science and technology to the doorstep of the people. He assured the support of CERN in this effort and hoped that the teachers, students and researchers of Bangladesh would be immensely benefited from this formal cooperation.

CERN as the pioneering institute for research of fundamental physics in the world, has recently attracted the global attention for its discovery of Higg’s Boson – the ‘God’s Particle’. CERN- the largest research laboratory in the world and the center of excellence for research in fundamental and quantum physics, has the long tradition of establishing international co-operation in research and training and promoting contacts among scientists and professionals and interchange with other laboratories and institutes around the world. It also offers advanced training for researchers and professionals of different countries.

For the countries like Bangladesh, CERN provides the unique opportunity for the much needed technology transfer, education and training for the researchers, scholars, academics and students. Most importantly, CERN offers different programs for students and researchers from developing countries in the form of internship, summer and other specialized schools which are open to all.

Cooperation between Bangladesh and CERN will facilitate opportunity of research in experimental and theoretical particle physics and related aspects of technologies for particle accelerators, particle detectors and information technology. Inventions and discoveries of CERN are playing a major role in the fight against deadly diseases like cancer.

Bangladesh will be greatly benefited from this cooperation with CERN especially the universities, institutes, organizations, academics, professionals and the students of Bangladesh will have much to gain. And, it’s expected that the institutions and individuals will take initiatives to achieve their own excellence through this newly created opportunity. CERN will conduct a high-level short school on advanced particle and quantum physics at Dhaka University from 15 to 18 December 2014. Eminent professors from CERN, Belgium and India will be conducting the lessons.

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