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West Island

Cocos Islands consist of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. This is another external territory of Australia. The archipelago is physically located between Sri Lanka and Australia. The island is also known by another name – Keeling Islands.

The island has less habitation. The number of population is around 600 and they speak the Malay language. Australian law is practiced here. This is a remote place from the mainland and the number of media is fewer. In fact, the islands do not need any media at all. Life and living are different here.

Media in Cocos Island now refers to television and radio. There is no newspaper available till the date here. But a fortnightly newsletter is published to inform about notices and other important issues.

But the island has modern communication equipment and services. Digital television is broadcast here via satellite. The islanders enjoy different types of television shows. Some particular frequencies are used to get the satellite channels. Some Australian and Malaysian channels are also available via satellite.

A local radio station is available on the islands that broadcast different types of news and events. But the station is not well staffed. Majority of the radio broadcast is performed by local people on a voluntary basis. Local contents are highlighted on the radio.


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