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Community Liaison Support for Springboard for Health Communication

Thank you for taking on the role of the Community Liaison for Springboard for Health Communication. You will play a critical role in

making your online community a success, ensuring that the conversation in your group is active and dynamic.

The Community Liaison is the person charged with seeding dialogue within a group, inviting other members to join the group, and initiating

topics to get members engaged in the conversation.  Every user-driven online community at given points in its lifecycle

needs a boost to keep the momentum going; your efforts as Community Liaison to provide that lift, whether it be a welcome to a

new member or the introduction of a topical article, will be valued.  Our goal, as the Springboard for Health Communication team, is to

make this job as the Community Liaison an easy one for you. In fact, we hope participating on the site will become part of your work routine.

Below you’ll find a quick start package intended to help you start a group and engage members. The first part is a quick overview that

consists of bulleted lists of tips to keep in mind as you facilitate your group (or groups).  Later in the document you’ll find more detailed

FAQs to keep conversation flowing on the site.

Last Updated April 2014

When New Members Join:

Here are Some Quick Tips

Welcome each and every member into the group. If you know them personally, say so! For example, “Welcome John, so happy to have met you in person at the International AIDS Conference – I’m happy to see you online.”

Conversation Starters:

When there is a lull of a few days in a group, have a conversation starter ready. This can be a link to content or research: Did you find a relevant article? Content database? Even an interesting infographic? Go ahead and share for the benefit of all.

Ask a question: Maybe you’ve been struggling with a programmatic question or a technical question – go ahead and ask it on Springboard for

Health Communication. Chances are someone out there will know the answer. Share an event: Do you know of a great webinar or face-to-face conference? By sharing it on the webinar, you may meet others who are attending the same events.  You can also discuss the event goals and what you hope to accomplish together.

Simple guidance for richer comments:

Avoid asking yes/no questions
Avoid questions that call for purely factual answers; opinions are welcomed

and encouraged at every turn;

Target reflection, interpretation, analysis, or problem solving
Ask questions that solicit relevant personal opinion and/or personal


Frequently Asked Questions for Community Liaisons

What is Springboard for Health Communication? How is it different from other


Springboard for Health Communication is a professional network with rich conversations around health communication. We are not a repository of content, but rather we depend on the user to pose interesting questions,

link to content, and generate solutions that will help accelerate health

communication. It is a “user first” approach, so we depend on you to

initiate and feed the discussions.  Please visit the “About Us” section of

Springboard for Health Communication to learn more about the site and

also visit the “FAQ” page if you have more general questions about the site.

There is also a short video on how to use Springboard for Health

Communication that will walk you through the basic site functionality.

How do I start a group?

If you’ve looked through the existing groups and know of a great idea that

isn’t listed, then feel to create a group. As the creator of the group, you will

act as the “Community Liaison.” The Community Liaison recruits members

for the group and helps keep the conversations going.  This is extremely

important in a user-driven site as users may not know where to start with a

conversation or feel intimidated to reply.  As the Community Liaison, we

hope that you can post rich dialogue and insightful topics within the group

to encourage the other health communication practitioners on the site to

learn and engage.

What are the steps for being a Community Liaison?

Email people you think will be interested in joining the group. Tell them

about Springboard for Health Communication and get them to register.

Springboard for Health Communication is a user-driven site like many other

existing platforms so most people will understand the process of signing up

and sharing their thoughts and opinions.  The unique element of the site is

that it is a place to connect professionally with the global community of

health communication practitioners.  While Springboard for Health

Communication provides links to curated health communications materials,

rather our focus is to create a space for health communication dialogue.  It

is exciting and we hope that you communicate that to your network.

Once they are registered, you can add them to your network, send them a

message, and invite them to the new group.

Start seeding conversations by asking the group questions, linking to

interesting articles and references, or by posting a document on which you

would like them to give feedback.

Seems time consuming…how much of my time will it take?

It doesn’t have to take long at all, and hopefully the conversations will be

beneficial to your work and be engaging. Just check in on Springboard for

Health Communication often, add it to your list of news sources, and try to

seed content to your group once a week.  You can also edit the email

notification settings so that you will receive updates as people respond to

topics or post new topics.

What if I have questions?

We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.  Please use the

“Contact Us” feature on the bottom of the page and we will respond


Email Template to Recruit Group Members

Hello [insert name],

I’d like to invite you to join Springboard for Health Communication

( – an online professional network of health

communication practitioners for sharing ideas, resources, and learning together.

The platform was built to encourage rich communication to help us discuss the

issues, find solutions, and eventually improve all of our endeavors in regards to

health communication.

Springboard for Health Communication is segmented into groups focused on

specific issues. I’d like to invite you to join the Group: [insert group name]. Here,

you’ll find discussions on [insert topic(s)]. I think this will be a great way for all of

us to connect on a regular basis and share information that can be applied to our

own work.

To start, simply sign up on the homepage and I will add you to our [insert group

name] Group. I look forward to seeing you on the site!

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