British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB)

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Death-promoter BATB awarded ICSB gold medal!

British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) has been awarded ‘ICSB National Award for Corporate Governance Excellence-2013’ Gold Medal in manufacturing category for practicing good governance, accountability and establishing transparent corporate culture.

Awarding such tobacco producers and multinational death-marketers by Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh (ICSB) is entirely unwanted.

The government, by one side, is implementing tobacco control law and imposing higher taxes on tobacco products to prevent harms and deaths from tobacco use, and on the other side, it is encouraging death-marketers by different prestigious awards – which testify the double-facing roles of the government in tobacco control issue. Public health is on top and it is government’s liability to safeguard the people.

Such indirect promotional activities should be stopped for the betterment of public health.

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