How to decorate your home for Bengali New Year

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How to decorate your home for New Year

Bangla New Year “Esho hai baishakh esho esho” – Pohela Baishakh, the – Bengali New Year is knocking on the door. On this day everyone will be dressed with colorful clothes, and the streets will come alive as people celebrate a fresh start for the New Year.

But it is not only outside the home that you will find Pohela Baishakh festivities. Your home interior should also be decorated to get in the spirit of the celebrations. Leading property portal Lamudi Bangladesh has compiled a decoration guide to give your home a perfect look for this festive season.

Color code: The color code must be mixture of white and read, or; it should contain at least one of these colors. No matter what you are planning, it is advised to stick with this traditional color palette, while mixing these two colors with matching shades.

Alpana : This is the traditional Bengali art form of adding designs to the floor. You can do this either on the floor throughout your home or at the entrance.The designs typically include leaves, flowers, local musical instruments, animals like elephants and horses, and other symbols of Bengali heritage.

Flowers: Any kind of flowers will make your home the perfect place to celebrate this festival.

Curtains and furniture: You can use white and red curtains for this day or; invest in traditional curtains called shurki. For you bed sheets and cushion covers, stick with the white and red color palette. Traditional mats along with cushion covers are also a great way to arrange seating for guests.

Traditional Pieces: You can decorate your home with traditional pieces such as colorful earthen pots. You could also serve food to guests on earthen plates and glasses.

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