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Dr Saifuddin Chowdhury :: Chandradipwa was a small island before the advent of the Pre-Mughal dynasty. We find the reference of Chandradipwa for the first time in the copper plate grant of great king Sreechandra and Ayin-e-Akbari of prominent Mughal historian Abul Fazal. Hence, there can be no conflict about the antiquity of the place. It had glorious past until the edict of the permanent settlement was declared in 1793.

In this very Chandradipwa of ancient south Bengal, now in the district of Jhalakati, Sikder Abul Bashar, outstanding among contemporary historians, was born on the December 30, 1965. He comes of a noble family. Tahsin Uddin Sikder, his grandfather had profound knowledge in Arabic, Persian and Urdu, let alone, Bengali. There is a historical background behind his acquiring proficiency in different languages.

The village of Taruli was known as Talwari. Nawrose Biswas among the ancestors of Sikder family developed human habitation at first in this village. Kedai Biswas, his son, when employed as ‘Sik’ of the adjacent jurisdiction, became familiar as ‘Sik’ and changed his family title as ‘Sikder’. In fact, Kedai Sikder was the founder of this Sikder family. His son was Titai Sikder and grandson was Jubbar Sikder.

Aforesaid Tahsin Sikder was the fourth son of Jubbar Sikder. And the fourth son of Abdus Samad Sikder is Sikder Abul Bashar, a distinguished devotee to traditions and the personality of the present discussion.

Since his juvenile period, Sikder Abul Bashar this very man of the land enriched with rice-river-rivulet is associated with the creative and innovative activities. He has written so far more than half a century of books. He has published a lot of books staying at the helm of the Gatidhara, a creative publications company. He discharged various important responsibilities publishing classic books on regional and national history. No other publisher like him, has published so many books at the personal level so far. He has proved him successful as a translator. He translated a famous book from English to Bengali, entitled as The District of Bakerganj: Its history and Statistics written by H. Beverage.

The sturdy surge gushing around the globe in the twenty-first century is hauling away our long cherished glorious past and all prides our traditions. To challenge against this threat, we feel crying need for such people like Sikder Abul Bashar, devoted to traditions and history. His contributions to our history and traditions will remain memorable perpetually.

Dr. Saifuddin Chowdhury is the Professor of Folklore,

University of Rajshahi

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