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Doze Internet now at Mymensingh

After Dhaka, Chittagong & Comilla Doze Internet is now in Mymensingh with its excellent internet services. On this note, Online Mymensingh and SSD-Tech signed a partnership agreement on 1st October, 2017. Riyad Mahbub, Head, Online Mymensingh, Mahbubul Matin, Chairman, SSD-Tech, Hasan Mehdi, CEO, SSD-Tech, Mohiuddin Rasti Morshed, CEO, Mind Initiative and higher officials from both the organization were present on the occasion.

Mr. Riyad Mahbub, Head, Online Mymensingh said, “services of Doze internet will introduce a new era of dedicated broadband speeds in Mymensingh City & this service will bring countless opportunities for the underserved home & business customers.” He also added, “Although Bangladesh is emerging among top freelancing countries, yet our young freelancers are losing out frequently with poor internet connections. For them, in Mymensingh, we’ve introduced high speed Internet packages to ensure fast and reliable internet service.”

On the occasion Mr. Hasan Mehdi, CEO, SSD-Tech said, “we believe there is a lot of scope for good quality internet in Bangladesh and to deliver that to your doorstep we are working together. The inception of Doze internet in Mymensingh is a revolutionary step which was possible because we found the perfect partner, ‘Online Mymensingh’. We are very hopeful about this.”

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