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Dr. Yunus to inaugurate Global Social Business Summit 2014 in Mexico

The Global Social Business Summit 2014 will take place from 25-28 November in Mexico City. Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto will together inaugurate the Summit.

The motto of this year’s Summit is will be “Shaping Social Business – To Shape the World of 2020”, to set an impetus for the social business movement in Mexico, Latin America and the whole world. Mexico City as hosting city will mark the first time that the Global Social Business Summit will be held in the Americas. The annual event is organized by Grameen Creative lab and Yunus Centre and will gather experts from the private sector, civil society, governments and academia over a few days of meetings, forums and workshops.

The Global Social Business Summit is the leading forum for social business worldwide. It serves to spread awareness of social business, foster discussion and collaboration, as well as present and conceive best practices. The gathering is an opportunity to meet, connect, discuss and collaborate with the global social business community with the purpose of developing effective solutions to solve society’s most pressing problems, for example, unemployment. This will be a timely event to discuss about innovative ways to fight social and economic problems through social business.

This year’s Global Social Business Summit will be a four day long program. Prior to the opening of the conference there will be Research Conference on 25 November and Young Challengers Meeting on 26 November for selected participants. The summit will open on 27 November with the inaugural speech by Professor Yunus and President Enrique Peña Nieto. Participants will hear first-hand accounts from representatives of social business organizations from Bangladesh and around the world who have been working in the field. They will also take part in social business Exhibition to network around innovative ideas, businesses and people that are creating affirmative social changes using business as a tool. The program also includes plenary and focus group discussion. Major themes of plenary session are practicing social business and the Social business entrepreneurs – Road forward 2020. Several announcement and MoU are expected to be made.

This year the Summit will be organized in partnership with Green Street, The Earth’s Fund in Mexico. Together with a strong network of supporting partners that include Ashoka, Banamex, Cemex, Monterrey Institute of Technology, the National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Televisa Foundation this summit will set yet another milestone in the global movement of social business under leadership of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus. The ambitious aim of the movement is to transform 1 % of the total economy of a city, a province, or a country as a social business economy in the next five years. Last year Global Social Business Summit was held in Malaysia.

In addition, in the context of the Global Social Business Summit 2014, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus will deliver a public speech on November 29 from 11 am to 2 pm at the Exhibit and Convention Center Expo Bancomer Santa Fe, Mexico City.

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