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EU Abdicates on Climate

TODAY – Civil society leaders across the world criticised the European Union’s climate action plan, that it announced it would submit to the United Nations in preparation for December’s Paris Climate Summit.

The EU announced a plan that did not include reference to commitments to provide transfers of finance and technology to developing countries and did not address ‘loss and damage’, or how to deal with the impacts of climate change in vulnerable communities.

Its proposal reiterated its existing 2030 climate pollution target, that has been widely criticised as being insufficient to meet its own objective of limiting temperature rise to 2C above pre-industrial levels.

Scale of the proposed EU target

“Climate change is a devastating reality today in the Philippines but the EU has chosen to ignore our lives and our rights with this announcement. With this proposal the EU is officially abandoning its own 2C temperature goal and therefore the needs and rights of vulnerable people across the world. The science is very clear that such weak targets, combined with the ongoing use of discredited carbon markets, means we are not on track to tackle the climate crisis, and that the EU is now complicit in committing us to further destruction.” Lidy Nacpil, convenor of the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (formerly called Jubilee South), said from Manila in the Philippines.

Lack of finance in the EU target and risk to the Paris Summit

“That the EU has not included climate finance in its submission to the Paris conference speaks volumes about its commitment to the rights and needs of African people. How can we adapt to climate change impacts without a commitment on finance? How can African governments scale up their climate action if they don’t know what finance and technology is available to them? A lack of a finance commitment is a lack of a commitment to a meaningful climate deal in Paris.” Azeb Girmai, focal point on climate change for LDC-Watch, said from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

No mention of ‘loss and damage’ in the EU target

“People across central America and the world are already seeing crops wilt, our homes flood, and people being forced to migrate – yet the EU has ignored this entirely. How they can make a submission on their ‘contribution’ to climate action and not address the loss and damage we are already suffering is beyond belief. This is a failure of leadership and a failure of ethics and risks a failure at the Paris Summit.” Benajmin Correas, campaigner with Mesoamerican Campaign for Climate Justice, said from San Salvadro in El Salvador.

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