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The traditional media outlets in Bulgaria are made with print and broadcast outlets. Among the broadcast outlets, television and radio are notable. The media outlets in the country are experiencing some transitions as the entire country is facing so. Thereby, the media activities are not that much improved in the country. The outlets mostly depend on their sales-related revenue, subscription, and advertisements. They bear all their costs from the revenues that they generate.

The freedom of speech is ensured by the constitution but in reality, the speech is restricted to some extents. The media outlets are unable to express their thoughts independently. Some large corporations own most of the media outlets in the country and they run the outlets after their wills. But being pro-government, they do not publish or broadcast any such news and events which can bring shame for the government. Besides, the government-owned agencies are also in the race. They uphold the government issues carefully. As a result, anti-government issues are not cared for.

Besides, some of the media outlets run their respective outlets in an unbiased approach. But to continue the neutrality, they are to bear pressures from different quarters in different time. Despite the approaches, some of the media reports are politically influenced and biased. This is a critical condition in the country.

There are over nine newspapers are currently in operation in the country. Some of them are owned by the government while the rests are under private ownership. The print outlets try to provide news and reports of different interests. The number of readers is moderate in the country. And so, the newspapers have their targeted clients. The circulations of the newspapers are adorable too. But the print media outlets always maintain a sense of self-censorship. They abstain from publishing critical reports and news against the government. They also criticize the government in a soft manner as and when necessary.

About 16 television channels are operating in the country at present. The television channels are the popular sources of information and entertainment for the local people. They broadcast a wide variety of shows and events. Some of the channels are dedicated for specific purposes. And so, the number of audiences for the television channels is more. This has become a great source of entertainment across the country as a large number of people spend times before the television set to enjoy the shows. While broadcasting news, the television channels are a bit aware of the censorship issues.

Over 20 radio stations are working available in the country. And they come with a notable number of services for their audiences. Most of the radio stations have their specific audiences. And they make their contents according to the audiences’ choice. They also broadcast news and bulletins as well.

The use of the internet is notable in the country. The access to the internet is a bit limited but the people who have their access use the internet for their social communication and to know about the recent world happenings.

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