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Media of Gibraltar has great independence and a high degree of freedom. The media are mostly newspaper, radio and TV stations. One of the oldest and important newspaper of Gibraltar is “Gibraltar Chronicle” which was first published in 1801 and now it is published from Monday to Saturday and even online. Another well known newspaper is Panorama which was a weekly newspaper when it was published in 1975 but later on it started to run on a daily basis. “Insight Gibraltar” is a very well known magazine which features informative and entertaining articles on subjects such as Business, Finance, Recruitment, Property, Health & Wellbeing, Personality Profiles, Local History, Culture, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

Radio and televisions in Gibraltar are provided by The Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). It’s a public service broadcaster. Satellite TV arrived in early 1990s and the television channel operated by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation is the “GBC Television”. The channel broadcasts both local and imported shows which include Live Shows, Animated, British comedy, British Drama, US Comedy and many more. The Local shows include “Newswatch” – The channel’s flagship news bulletin which airs in 8.30 pm every week day and is replayed at 11pm, “Viewpoint” –Political discussion show, “Sports Report”- Local sports review show, “In Him I Trust” – Religious magazine show, and many more.

The main radio station operated by the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation is “Radio Gibraltar”. It first started in 1958 and operates on both FM and AM 24 hours a day. It broadcasts a mix of local programming in English and Spanish, and retransmissions of the BBC World Service. “Radio Gibraltar” can also be listened live from the GBC website with their another advanced version “Radio Gibraltar Plus”. Another radio station is “BFBS Gibraltar” and it is mainly for the British Forces.

Use of social media rate in Gibraltar proves how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn are popular there. The Gibraltar people mostly use Facebook for socializing and that’s why rate is 49.35%, highest rate among all other social media. Other usage like rate of usage of Twitter is 25.5%, Instagram is 1.72%, LinkedIn is 1.16%,  Pinterest 18.53 % and YouTube 1.76%.

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