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The Hellenic Republic of Greece has a very active and free media consisting of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and television channels. Greek media is basically denoted as excess supply over demand which makes an oversupply of newspapers, TV channels, magazines and radio stations. The competition among them is huge as the country is small and they need to grab the attention of the audience and compete for the advertising market share.

The number of daily newspapers supplied in Greece is 32 with a total circulation of 681,000 and the non-daily ones are 14 with a circulation of 441,000. Some of the notable political newspapers are ‘Avgi’ (‘The Dawn’), ‘Eleftheros Typos’ (‘Free press’), ‘Ethnos’ (‘Nation’) etc. All these papers are published in the capital city of Athens. Other newspapers like ‘Protathlitis’ (‘Champion’) is a sports newspaper first published in 1998 owned by a TV presenter and a journalist, ‘Prin’ is a weekly newspaper, ‘Ekathimerini’ is an English language newspaper which comes to a section of the New York Times in Greece 6 days a week. But since the mid-1990s the Greek press has undergone a permanent crisis along with other media. Some of the publications of newspapers are closed so the rate of consumption of reading newspapers dropped drastically even though they have 95% literacy rate.

Television broadcasting in Greece was officially allowed in 1951 and it started in 1966. The number of Television stations is 36 and the number of sets is
2,540,000. Most TV channels are private so the public broadcasters are dominated. ‘ Hellenic Radio and Television (ERT)’, a public Greek TV channel has a sharp decrease in terms of audience rating and advertising revenues. Then there are some other public channels like ERT2, ERT3, Vouli TV etc. Private channels include Mega Channel, Star Channel, Alpha, Epsilon TV etc. These channels basically broadcast a mixture of foreign and Greek programming. There are also some foreign-owned specialty channels like Al-Jazeera, CNN, FOX, National Geographic channel etc.

Radio is an important source of information for the Greek people. According to a survey from 2013, it is found that most people listen to the radio for 3.5 hours a day. That’s why there are over 918 radio stations in Greece among which most broadcast on the FM band as the broadcasters abandoned the AM band. Most radio stations are located in Athens and some of them still haven’t got their license but are considered eligible to be given a license. The first non-pirate private radio station was ‘Athena 9.84 FM’, which went on air in 1987 broadcast by the Municipality of Athens. Some of the other Greek radio stations are ‘261 Athens’ first published in 1998, ‘Kriti FM 87.5’ in 1997, ‘Kanali Ena FM’ in 1987 etc. Recently a new radio station has been established called ‘Aeschylus’ in 2018.

The number of individuals with computers is 750,000 and the number of individuals with Internet Access is 1,000,000. So the internet advertising revenue has increased from the year 2010 to 2013. Among all the social networking sites, Facebook is the most used social network site in Greece, 30 percent of the Greek population of Greek web users have a Facebook account. The second most popular site is Twitter and in third comes the Instagram. The Internet has been a source of entertainment and information for The Hellenic Republic of Greece but television and radio are considered to be the most important source.

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