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Development of the media in Serbia has been prolonged for the past 17 years. The decline was mainly in the fields of media freedom, the security of journalists, and the financial sustainability of many media outlets. Most of the people of Serbia have switched to Internet readership which is why the daily newspapers have faced the most significant decline in the overall consumption compared to the other media. Total circulation of the daily press has dropped from 800,000 sold copies in 2007 to less than 500,000 in the mid-2010s. In 2007, there were 21 daily newspapers, but now the number has dropped down to 10: Politika, Novosti, Danas, Blic, Alo, Kurir, Informer, Srpski telegraf, Dnevnikand Magyar Szo.

Television is a viral media in Serbia, and the people there spend 315 minutes watching TV. Some television stations decreased day by day. Now Serbia has 200 televisions, five national TV stations, around 100 local and regional stations, over 100 cable stations, with a weekly reach of 6.9 million people. The television number depends on the advertising revenue. Since 2008, after it reached its highest peak, the TV market value started to decrease constantly, but then in 2016, there was a slight increase. Serbia’s main public broadcasting channel is RTS 1 (Radio Television of Serbia) which broadcasts TV series or live coverage of sports events. Other two public broadcasters are RTS 2 and RTS 3. There are also some private broadcasters like Prva, O2.TV, Pink and Happy TV.

Radio Belgrade is the oldest radio station in Serbia. It was first established in 1929. It is still the fifth most listened radio for the Serbians. The radio stations mainly broadcast light entertainment as the Internet took over the market. There are currently 220 radio stations in Serbia. Out of these, seven are radio stations with national coverage, including three of public broadcaster RTS called Radio Belgrade 1, Radio Belgrade 2/Radio Belgrade 3 and Radio Belgrade 202, and four private ones known as Radio S1, Radio S2, Play Radio, and Radio Hit FM. Also, there are 49 regional stations and 162 local stations. There are several online radio stations those have been launched in recent years. Among them post popular is Radio Aparat, launched in December 2016.

The number of Serbian individuals with internet access is 400,000. As usual, Facebook happens to be the most popular social network so far. According to a survey in 2014, 31% of the Facebook users were in the 18-24 years-old category followed by 28% were in the age group of 25-34. Also, Instagram and LinkedIn are the next two most popular sites after Facebook.

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