Experts Emphasized on Democratizing Information

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Experts Emphasized on Democratizing Information


By Md Mahmudul Hasan, from (Bonn) Germany :: Media experts emphasized on free and ‘democratizing information’ in this digital age. Due to the enormous role of the media in shaping public opinion experts gave special importance on this issue. They said that “presently news and information are more quicker and prevailing than ever before. That’s why in political communication policy-makers’ should disseminate democratizing information.”

In the plenary session named ‘Global and participatory: Political opinion-making in the digital age’ of running Global Media Forum (GMF) Tuesday morning they expressed this opinion.

This session was hosted by Jana Pareigis, Journalist and Presenter, Deutsche Welle, Germany.

Media and politics related five experts were panelist in this plenary session. They expressed their personal views and argued each other about political opinion-making current era.

One of the panelists Amy Goodman, journalist and co-founder of Democracy Now!, United States said, “there are debates between New Media and traditional media to make public opinion. But I want to say New Media or Old Media doesn’t matter. Matter is — who controls it — who controls the gate is very important.” She added, “Democratizing information is important to make opinion in the digital age.”

One of the participants Mahmood Shakir, a TV journalist from Bagdad, Iraq told that, “there are huge propaganda against Iraq. It’s totally international politics and media is used to make this anti-people campaign. How does that affect policy-makers’ actions and individuals’ personal roles in political communications?”

Panelists said, “multimedia assortment and digital connectivity have opened up new forms of political participation, such as e-government and e-diplomacy. These can serve to lessen a growing alienation between citizens and politicians. But there are still some questions like how could be protected privacy for informants?, is there any conceivable means of ever reining in digital networking?”

In the panel discussant four other member was Matthew Armstrong, member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, United States of America; Prof. Guy Berger, Director, Freedom of Expression and Media Development UNESCO, France; Emma Ruby-Sachs, Campaign Director, Avaaz, USA and Julius Van de Laar, Independent Campaign and Strategy Consultant, Germany.

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