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Groups across the world declared that the outcome of the UN Climate Conference in Lima had ‘no justice.’

In a statement signed by organisations from across the world, and led by social movements in the South said:

“What we have seen in Lima is another in a series of yearly decisions that weaken international climate rules, failing people and the planet.”


Friends of the Earth EWNI’s International Climate Campaigner Asad Rehman said:

With all that the high drama of an 11th hour text involves, developed and developing countries will no doubt wave through this weak and ineffectual text hoping to save face at this COP and convince themselves that they can improve things next year. It would be far more honest if they simply rejected this text and reconvened an emergency meeting that matches the urgency of the crisis. The planet and the poorest people in the world require more than an empty political statements that contains lots of the right sounding words but very little in actual concrete commitments. That should be the only judge of if this is a successful outcome.

“The only thing these talks will achieve is to reduce the chances of a fair and effective agreement to tackle climate change in Paris next year.

“With the world speeding towards catastrophic climate change, wealthy industrialised nations who have contributed most to our polluted atmosphere must take the lead in tackling this threat.

”The next 12 months are crucial – failure to act will have a devastating impact on us all.”

Meena Raman, Third World Network:

‘This outcome took a long drawn out fight and the end result still is so far from what people need. This bodes badly for what is possible out of Paris given the sheer lack of responsibility that the rich developed countries are prepared to take.”

Lidy Nacpil, Jubilee South Asia Pacific:

“The concrete demand was to set out how we would increase emission reductions from now until 2020, and set long term climate targets to make sure we limit temperature increase to below 1.5°C.

What has happened in Lima is that the world has said it wants to bury its head in the sand and not look at the weak and unjust 2020 climate targets again. Make no mistake, not revisiting our 2020 targets is to set us on track for 4C of warming and risk many more storms like that which hit our homes in the Philippines this week. Lima has failed the people of the world, Paris must not ignore the urgency of crisis or its agreement will not be worth the paper it is written on.”

Harjeet Singh, ActionAid International said:

“This text provides nothing meaningful on finance, loss and damage, and pre-2020 action. Any country that has the interests of its people at heart should reject this text. We see weak and unjust climate targets from rich industrialised targets and the result of those will be unimaginable devastation from climate impacts. Adaptation to that climate change will be impossible and the people who are least responsible for causing that climate change must receive compensation for their loss and damage. That loss and damage was not given distinct political recognition in the text here in Lima suggests that the Paris deal will be quick to forget the rights and needs of the world’s poor.”

Azeb Girmai, from LDC-Watch said:

“LDCs fought for recognition of the loss and damage we are suffering from climate change but the powerful trod on our proposals and ignored our rights. Loss and damage is distinct from adaptation, with distinct issues that need attention – we cannot ignore it or hide under adaptation. This heralds further devastating climate storms and dark clouds for Paris.”

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