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Hijra Pride : A series of interesting program for Hijra community people in Bangladesh

Hijra population are always sensitively recognized Bangladeshi Society according to culture and literacy, once again that proved of Bangladesh government in 11 November 2013 by the acknowledgement , Hijra as 3rd gender in Bangladesh. This reorganization is the first ever declaring in the Asian countries which is must be to positives experience use the others 7 countries from Bangladesh.

But the Bangladesh need to go long ways to developed and ensure the human rights of Hijra’s/TG population to reduce stigma and discrimination with the involvement of civil society, COBs and all stakeholders, so BSWS taking responsibilities and challenge with collaboration of Bangladesh government to make a larger solidarity among Hijras/TG population for steps forward by celebration “HIJRA PIDE”

Human rights meeting, talent hunting, public rally, Henna festival , award addressing many more activities going to held in Bangladesh for first ever in Asia.

This colorful celebration of ‘Hijra Pride 2014’ first ever of this kind in the country will be celebrated at central from 8-10 November 2014 and all divisional level of the country on 2 November 2014.

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