How to delete Ad from OLX

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How to delete Ad from online market-place

If you give to sell something on online marketplace sometimes you need to delete the Ad. Say for example, you already sold your product what will you do now? You obviously do delete the Ad. If you do not delete or remove the Ad from the site — you have to take a lot of pain because you may get huge telephone on your mobile phone. So better you delete the Ad after selling your product as soon as possible!

Lets start — how to delete Ad from biggest market-place OLX.COM. Every time you get an email from the market place while you post an Ad. So find this email in your email inbox. It looks like below…

How to Remove Ad from OLX

If you do not find this type of message in your mail you not need to worried! Just login on the site using your email address. After that you can remove that Ad. But it is not so easy! If you want delete any one of your Ad you have to go this link:

Now it is easy as like as to drink a glass of water! Is it? Let’s try! You will find this type of interface… Just choose and delete your desired Ad! Click on the cross button and Ad will be no more the site!

OLX Ad Sample

That’s all for today. If you like this short tips about deletion of Advertisement from the online market-place please do not forget to share it and comment here. Your comment is highly appreciated! All other market place also more or less same system to delete the Ads.

27 thoughts on “How to delete Ad from online market-place”

  1. Pavstar says:

    I’m surprised that people didn’t comment earlier lol. Anyways this is a very helpful ad. Saves time from looking around without any clue so thanks.


  3. sheetal garg says:

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  12. prince says:

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  22. Prakash says:

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