ICT is a weapon of mass liberation, use it in the public interest

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ICT is a weapon of mass liberation, use it in the public interest

Information Minister Hasanul Huq Inu has dubbed ICT as a weapon of mass liberation and underscored the need for using it in the public interest. 

“Like all technologies, unless it is used in the public interest, it can become a very powerful instrument for political control, creating monopolies as well as social and economic inequalities,” Inu said adding, “This is what we have to guard against. Everybody now, therefore, is pondering how to master and why to apply ICT.”


The Minister was addressing the inaugural ceremony of Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance- NETMundial chaired by Brazilian President Dilma Vana Rousseff in presence of 1200 representatives from 90 countries including USA, Russia, UK, India, Japan in Sao Paolo, Brazil yesterday. 

Inu in his welcome remarks said the world has not yet found a plausible answer to the question who would guard the guardians and how to take care of hatred from power. At the same time, it is the world of three Cs: Correct, Collaborate and Compete, he stated.

However, Inu said, Internet is a shared resource and a global common available to public that provides voice to the voiceless. But access to Internet is much more expensive for the countries of global south, he observed.

“That’s why cost reduction and keeping the net neutrality is needed,” he said adding that the delicate problem of protecting secrecy, privacy, security of individuals and nation states are now necessary to address.

“Digital technology is creating a glass house, while new moral issues have cropped up,” Inu said adding, “The present day existing Internet governance is, therefore, inadequate.”

As the Internet is a global common and people’s agenda, the Minister said, “We can find a solution if we approach with the policy while we can place and put people before profit, people before power, people before politics and power.”

Inu said, ideas are great arrows, but one needs to have a bow to hit the target, and politics is the bow.

The private sector, civil society, technical community, academicians as well as governments should work for an international framework, which will clearly define the roles of each stakeholder, he concluded.

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