Indian Radio Full List

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Indian Radio Full List

Indian All RadioDaisy Hamilton :: Hello, how are you all? Hope everything is going fine. Today I gonna share with you a very big list of Indian Radio. This radio list has include Hindi Radio list, Tamil Radio, Bangla Radio, Punjabi Radio, Osomia Radio etc. I strongly believe this list will help you to access All Indian Radio together.

Actually I have collected this radio list one the mobile app. If you want then you can use this app in your mobile to listen to all live radio from India and Indian language-based any radio in the world. The name of this app is: IndianRadio. Here the link of Google Play Store: I hope you will enjoy this app and list!

Indian Radio Full List is below:

1.FM – Bombay Beats

Akhand Path Radio

Amrit Bani Radio

Al Islah Radio

Ama Radio

Amrit Saagar Radio

Apna eRadio

Astrology Radio

Australian Indian Radio

Awaz e Haq

BBC Hindi Dinbhar Live

BBC Hindi Ghatanacakra Live

BBC Hindi Namaskar Bharat Live

BBC Hindi Visva Bharati

BBC World Service Live

Bhakti Radio

Bolly Radio

Bollywood Hits

Bollywood Polskie Radio

Bollywood Radio and Beyond

Bol Punjabi Radio

BTC Tamil FM

Calm Radio India

Chann Pardesi2

Chann Pardesi Gurbani Radio

Chann Pardesi Mobile

Chennai Christian Radio

Chennai Live 104.8 FM

City 1016

Club Asia Radio

Costamar FM

Craze FM Radio

Cyber FM India

Desi Music Mix


DesiZone Radio

Dhammavani India

Dil Apna Punjabi

Dil ki Awaz

Dil Se Re

Divyavani FM

Dushh FM

Easy 96

Electro House

Elite Radio Nyc

Filmy Radio

Geetham Tamil Radio

Geet Mala FM

GT Mix Internet Radio

Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib

Himal Radio Hindi Classic

Hindi Bollywood Radio

Hindi Christian Music Radio

Hindi Christian Songs

Hindu Sanskar Radio

Hits of Bollywood

Houston KI Jaan

HHungama Bollywood Dance Hits

Hungama Bollywood Hits

Hungama Bollywood Retro

Hyderabad Techies Radio

IIT Kanpur 90.4 FM

Impana FM

Indian Echoes FM

IndiFun FM

Intamixx Music

Ishara Fm

ITR Tamil Radio

iWi FM

JilJil Radio

Kalighat Radio

Kerala Malabar Islamic

Kera Radio

Khalsa FM

Kirtan Aradhna

Latest FM Broadcast

Life FM

Likexa FM

Lost in Music Radio

Luminous Radio

Luminous Radio Live

Magic Radio

Manasutho FM Telugu

Masala 101

Masala Radio

[email protected] FM Faisalabad Studio

Mehefil Radio

Mera Sangeet

Miracles FM

Mohd Rafi Radio

Movement Radio

Music Live FM

My Opus Radio

New Hits of Bollywood

Nirvana Ambient Radio

Non Stop Hindi

Oldies are Goldies

Oye 104.8 FM

Paattu Petti

Panjab Radio

Pardesi Radio

Patturumal Radio

Planet Radio City

Punjabi Radio Canada

Punjabi Songs

Punjab Rocks Radio

Puradsi FM

Puthu Paadal Radio

Quran Tilawat

Radio79 Trip

Radio 79

Radio Active 96 FM


Radio Akal Ashram Sohana

Radio Azad

Radio Buggi

Radio Chann Pardesi

Radio Chili

Radio City24 Punjabi

Radio City

Radio City Freedom

Radio City Fun Ka Antenna

Radio City Ghazal

Radio City Hindi

Radio City IndiPop

Radio City Ishq

Radio City Smaran

Radio City Wellness

Radio Curry

Radio DC

Radio Garam Masala

Radio Girmet

Radio HSL

Radio Humsafar

Radio India

Radio Islam English

Radio Islam Urdu

Radio Jalwa

Radio Khushi Hindi

Radio Khushi Telugu

Radio Macfast

Radio Manna

Radio Maria India

Radio NRI Classic

RadioPlus Fever

RadioPlus Hits

RadioPlus Indiz

RadioPlus Live

Radio Punjab Today

Radio Quran India

Radio Sangeet

Radio Sant Samagam

Radio SBS FM

Radio Schizoid

Radio Sharda 90.4 FM

Radio Sindhi

Radio Souparnika

Radio Spice Box

Radio Srinagar

Radio Swami Haridas

Radio Tawprasad

Radio Teen Taal

Radio Udaan

Radio Vision

Radio XL

Rangilo Gujarat

Red FM Hindi

Rock Live Radio

Sach Di Goonj

Sada Bahar Music

Salsarani Malayalam Radio

Sam9s Radio

Schizoid Chillout

Schizoid Psychedelic Trance

Shaiva Lahari

Shivas Whisper

Sikh Katha Radio

Sikh Kirtan Radio

Sikh Radio

Sound Asia FM

South Asian Radio

Spectrum Radio

Suburbs of Goa

Sukh Sagar

Sunrise Radio

Sur Station Hindi Melodious

Suvidha Radio

Swaminarayan Dhun Radio

Swaminarayan Katha Radio

Swaminarayan Kirtan

Taal Radio

Tamil Oli

Tashan Radio

Telugu One Radio


TRT Radio India

Tune India Radio

UMT Radio

Vegam FM

V V Radio V V Kannada

WebRadio Dhoom India

XL Radio Gurbani

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