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Iran labour News Agency-Ilna is supposed to provide news on Iranian labour system and trade unions. Though it is a news portal it plays an important role to ensure labour rights in the country. It covers every events on labour based topic. It raises public opinions when any worker is oppressed at anywhere in the country.

However, Ilna provides every category of news. Such as- politics, economy, world policies. Specially, business groups and rights groups visit its page very often.

Ilna has three languages, English, Persian and Arabic. It was established in Tehran on February 2003.

Due to some difficulties Ilna was closed down in 2007. However it was allowed to publish in July 2008. 

As per Alexa Traffic Rank the global rank of Ilna is 9,700 and the rank in Iran is 220. 92.1% readers are from Iran. However it has visitors in USA, Germany and UK. Daily page views per visitor is 2.64.

Ilna is active in various social media. In Facebook 964 people like its page and has 964 followers.In Twitter, it has 20,500 followers. It has huge followers in Instagram and in Telegram.

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