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The owner of the paper is Sokhan Gostar Cultural Institute, a private institute. Their corporate aim is to help its clients develop their public relations and media plans.

Established in October 1994, Iran News Daily has kept its standing as a private-run English-language paper in the Iranian capital. The daily delivers news and commentary on the issues that very much reflect the thought of common people. The daily deliberately narrates how Iran should operate its diplomacy worldwide.  The paper has been among the first choices of those employed at embassies and foreign firms who need to have a better understanding of the political, social and cultural circumstances in Iran. On the newspaper’s website, they publish all articles available in print edition plus a variety of web-only content.

Though the paper focuses national and domestic news and current affairs it also covers international news. They have economic, culture, sports and travels pages.

The readers are mostly from Iran. But their online and e-paper issues are browsed worldwide.

90.2% of Iranian English reader read this paper according to Alexa ranking.(The ranking varies, the update is taken at 9th Nov’17). Bounce Rate-25.00%; Daily Page views per Visitor 10%; Daily Time on Site- 19%.

Sobh-e Eghtesad (the morning of the economy) is a Persian-language paper affiliated with The Iran News Daily having been published daily in Tehran since December 2003. It focuses on national and international business and economic news and commentary


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