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IUBAT College of Nursing to integrate efforts with global community

Speakers at the world’s annual celebration of the ‘International Nurses Day 2014’ at IUBAT reflected the great role of nursing community in saving human life. They said Bangladesh requires 100,000 additional nurses to meet the mounting needs of  rising population strength in the country. Experts stressed the need of streamlining immediate measures to improve adequately the ‘Doctor-Nurses Ratio’ following global standard to bring tangible improvement in the healthcare management system in the country.

Arranged by College of Nursing, International University of   Business Agriculture and Technology(IUBAT),local and foreign medical experts, echoing the theme of year,“Nurses: A Force for Change – A vital resource for health” viewed  with sacrosanct commitment that nursing professionals have to rise to the occasion for engaging them as the real force for change following the spirit of  global medical practices.

Presided by Prof.Dr M Alimullah Miyan, Vice Chancellor and Founder of IUBAT, Dr. Karen Lund, Canadian health academics  and Senior Advisor of the College of Nursing offered the address of welcome focusing  the role of IUBAT College of Nursing. She said elaborately how the college has been enduring all efforts  to produce quality nurses through higher education of global  standard. We have been able to make a paradigm shift by way of  processional development of nurses to  help them work successfully  any where across the world, she added.

Chairs, Directors, Coordinators, Faculty members, students and invited healthcare professionals will attend the program coordinated by Dr. ASA Masud, Coordinator, IUBAT College of Nursing, with a commitment of producing quality nurses in the best interest of public health in the country.


Canadian High Commissioner

High Commissioner Canada, Her Excellency Ms. Heather Cruden

speaking as  the Chief Guest underscored the need  of improving the quality of nursing education in Bangladesh in line with global changes for empowering the voice of nurses in the medical system. Enhancement of the standard of nursing profession is the panacea to strengthen the ability of nurses, mentioning that she desired for a more decent work environment in medicare institutions to help nurses   discharge their duties more efficiently Stressing the need for providing two doctors for every nurse, Canadian HC hoped that comprehensive measures would ensure better healthcare management in Bangladesh towards to reach the focal point of the MDG.

Experts called upon the nurses to get and keep the inspiration from the life of Florence and reaffirm their pledged to give their best to serve with dedication for saving the life. Nurses, till dressed with the gown, need to maintain the professional ideals fully marked by perseverance, devotion, commitment and total care in order to offer first rate service to ailing humanity.

Mentioning Bangladesh, the Canadian High Commissioner said, the country requires 100,000 additional nurses to meet the mounting needs of ever rising population strength in the country, saying this the  High Commissioner added that the world has recognized that sufficient , adequately trained and motivated health workers are essential for ensuring  healthcare  challenges for this country. Equitable access to necessary health services of good quality cannot be achieved without an adequate number of appropriately prepared nurses, she visualized.

She said the Government of Canada has been supporting  the growth of nursing giving the incredible importance of quality nursing  care to the health of  mothers, newborns and children.

Canada has led global efforts  to scale up efforts on maternal and child health and also housing an international gathering in Toronto  at the end of May to ensure better health emphasizing on global priority.  Invited by Canadian Prime Minister, leaders from around the world would attend Child Health Summit, Her Excellency   Ms. Heather Cruden disclosed.

Vice Chancellor

Prof.Dr M Alimullah Miyan, Vice Chancellor of IUBAT presiding  over the session saluted  the nurses community both at home and abroad saying that nurses are the heart of the treatment system at all situations with their  dedicated care to give us  new life when we suffer.

Detailing the emergence of IUBAT College of Nursing around many hurdles Dr Miyan  said we have been able to bring conceptual change about nursing profession. Dissemination of advanced knowledge with the help of nursing experts of both local and foreign helped   the college to ensure quality higher education to nursing students . The process, many a way, succeeded in enhancing  the standard of the nursing profession  thereby overhauling the vulnerability whatever prevalent in our society, Dr Miyan elaborated.  The College of Nursing has been able to obtain the  necessary recognition  from the competent authority of the government , he disclosed.

Earler,Sailesh Bhandari, a senior student from Nepal, portrayed how IUBAT College of Nursing  has been continuing persistent effort with excellent teaching to help build career prospects for the nursing  students  pursuing higher education.. Nurses take care of our life and soul, saying this, he focused on wide- ranging professional effort of nurses mixing love affection and dedicated care.

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