IUBAT Inaugurates new CSE lab for conducting System Administration Certification Training Course

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IUBAT Inaugurates new CSE lab for conducting System Administration Certification Training Course

Academic experts in information technology viewed   that gone are the days of old hypothesis based on supply side meaning growth of professionals, who would confront  problems in practical field and learn through discharging  job responsibilities. Presently, the hypothesis has been changed, as such higher academic institutions have to train up their new graduates for capacitating them to face professional challenges in practical   life applying acquired knowledge, capability and proficiency. Through comprehensive training during studentship,` the new graduates can match up with the organization they join in their professional life.

This paradigm shift of grooming process will help the newly emerged graduates to meet the demand of the job markets locally, regionally and globally. Comprehensive motivational training would help produce future IT leaders to resolve total solution to organizational working system, experts claimed. .

 Department of Computer Science & Engineering(CSE) of International University of Business agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) has inaugurated “System Administration Certification Course and CSE Lab” for conducting a motivational training  course  to train up the students comprehensively to produce future IT leaders. The emerging graduates having total  IT expertise will  not only  have the capability to match up with organizational needs, but  will also  resolve  existing problems of  operating system giving total solution to organizational  requirements.

Prof.Dr. M Alimullah Miyan, Founder and Vice Chancellor presided over the program and   inaugurated lab on Monday in presence of Registrar Dr. M A Hannan, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Haque, Chair,Drs. Utpal Kanti Das, Coordinator, Computer Science and Engineering   including number of  faculties and registered participants of the course..

Mr. Mohammad Khalequzzaman, Senior Lecturer CSE, who will be conducting the course, batches after batches continuously,  detailing the mission of the  training course outlined the its core objectives  of the course, saying : (1) This motivational course will help the participants to emerge as future IT leaders,(2) Participants will be undergoing comprehensive courses covering major areas  to provide total  IT   solution to company’s operational activities, (3) This training will help resolve networking problem and (3) The users  will have opportunity to become  competent  inf  group administration, server management system and advanced level scripting language to automate the system and command line environment, he detailed.

The registered students will be undergoing comprehensive training on some other important courses like  : specific courses  relating to Network Management, Software Development and Security Management which will ensure them complete understanding of computing technology, Mr.Khalequzzaman informed on the occasion.

Earlier, Md Alamgir Bhuyan, System Administrator of CETC focused on the proactive policy pursued by the university giving priority to developing lab one after another to facilitate  capacity improvement and qualitative development of emerging  graduate compatible with global changes. The new lab, exclusive for the CSE students will generate new dynamism making a breakthrough in the learning mechanism. The new lab will help  potential growth of students with skills and proficiency necessary to provide  IT  solutions to any organizations.

M M Rakibul Hasan, expressing feeling on behalf of the trainee students said the new lab has ushered in hew hope for us who have joined this department to become experts in IT , most demanding academic line  across the  world.

In his presidential speech Prof. Dr  Alimullah Miyan, Vice Chancellor of IUBAT emphatically said there has been  serious  conceptual change in the process of  learning hypothesis giving more importance on demand side of the employers  than t the earlier hypothesis based on only  supply side. To meet the new demand of the job markets, universities have to underline  prioritizes to  producing  experienced graduates   who can serve in their respective organizations in  terms of the demand of the particular job discipline at home and abroad. This has necessitated serious  policy concern on the part of  higher academic institutions to impart comprehensive training adopting  world class academic curricula followed by excellent teaching, training and guidance to fulfill the demand of the worldwide job markets, he visualized.

Dr Miyan disclosed on the occasion saying that  that following the theme of  recently held ‘Academic Retreat ‘ at Cox’s Bazar  IUBAT has switched over to ensure better grooming  adding new direction to fulfill “employers  demand  in the job markets  worldwide”  We need to to tune up mental faculty of the students with better ideas, thought  and vision accompanied by comprehensive IT capability  in order to capacitate the new graduates to face the global competition  and also to help the students in realizing the  cherished dreams of the students, he  strongly voiced. .

This paradigm shift of IUBAT’s  academic dissemination process will   bolster  capacity development of new professionals so that the graduates going out of the university can  discharge their professional responsibilities with  more confidence to meet the demand of their employers.  .

Underscoring the importance of information technology worldwide, Dr Miyan said university has been able to fulfill the long time demand of a separate lab for the  Computer Science Departments.  The new lab  has opened a gateway to conduct   superior l training  of this discipline  so that the graduates since  joining in any organization can bring methodological change in the existing working system in the best interest of the establishment.


Value addition

Mentioning training as “value addition” Dr Miyan said through this motivational training IT graduates will be well conversant in making  better networking system by dint of   upgraded technical knowledge and expertise. Advanced knowledge and technical advancement will galvanize an intrinsic forces within the mental faculty of  new professionals.

The new lab  has opened a new gateway, saying this the Vice Chancellor expressed his innate determination pointing out  that this nascent university  will continue to   march ahead  by pursuing a from long term policy action to  produce world class graduates.

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