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Merry X-mas and other matters

I just spotted a post where a gentleman argued that as a Muslim we should not wish ‘Merry X-Mas’ and he said that if we do that then it is like doing ‘Shirok with Allah.’ I am writing this post in reference to his comment.

1. Islam is an inclusive religion. By saying merry X-Mas, I strongly believe ‘I am not doing any Shirok.’ I am only extending good wishes to others from a different religion. I am in no way associating with their philosophy that ‘Jesus is God’s child.’ It is their philosophy and I am not subscribing to their philosophy by saying ‘Merry X-mas.’ So, saying Merry X-Mas is a cultural thing for me and I am extending good wishes to all by saying ‘Merry X-Mas.’

2. Islam is about bringing peace and friendship, not about disharmony, disbelief and disrespect. By saying ‘Merry X-Mas’ I am extending peace, fellowship and goodness of heart with others from another religion.

3. Islam is not about division, but UNITY. By extending greetings by saying ‘Merry X-Mas,’ I am creating unity and bondage.

4. Islam is about accommodation and harmony. By greeting someone with ‘Merry X-Mas,’ I am fostering harmony and accommodating others from various religions.

5. Islam is about Co-existence. When I read about Islam, I find a sense of purpose for all humanity. So, when I say ‘Merry X-Mas,’ I sense and believe that I am supporting and championing the ageless wisdom of Islam.

6. Islam is about common sense and making life easy and simple and seen in the first verse of the Quran, I see purpose for all humanity to forge alliance when I read Sura Fateha. So, when I say ‘Merry X-Mas’ to others, I am working to strengthen that alliance within this world.

Finally, I have my belief system where I strongly believe that human beings were created by our creator to work together in peace, tranquility and harmony and, for that spirit to grow and keep humanity in line, I shall continue to offer ‘Merry X-Mas’ and other forms of greetings to others in their special days.

Thank you and if you like what you read, please share my post or share the content in your own words.

Ziaur Rahman

Rtn Adv Ziaur Rahman
Citizens Open Forum (COF)

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