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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohona Television started with the commitment to the need of time and to highlight the problems and prospects of Bangladesh. Mohona television Ltd made its formal presence in the domain of broadcast media on November 11, 2010. Information and Cultural Affairs Minister of Bangladesh Mr. Abul Kalam Azad graced launching ceremony as the chief guest and switched Mohona Television transmission on.

Mohona Television, channel with the modern outlook is committed to serve its viewers better entertainment. It believes in fair objective and unbiased coverage of news. Similarly it is committed to highlight the national culture, history, heritage and fascination as so far achieved.

Mohona Television started its journey with the determination of promoting Bengali life style, culture and language by using latest technology. This channel mainly shows Bengali Drama, Cinema, Live Show, Talk Show, Song, Islamic program and also news. Their news time are 10.30 am, 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm (Songbad Saradesh), 7pm, 10.30pm and 12.30am.

There are many exclusive items in their product line including – News and Current Affairs, Documentary, Live Program, Talk Show, Drama, Law Related Program, Musical Program, Islamic related Program, Information and IT based Program, Cinema, Cultural Show, Program for Children, Travel Show etc.

They have a modern news portal also. You can see it here-, through visiting this website visitor easily can know the entire program schedule and latest news information. Each program has its unique name and duration depends on its durability.

Mohona Television also makes new and special program in special days like Eid Day, Victory Day and different festivals. The channel maintains an archive to fulfill its regular workflow. Mohona Television has its own fully redundant state of the art Satellite Earth Station. The earth station is used to broadcast digital signal to Telstar 10 satellite. This satellite has also huge coverage area across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe as well.

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