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More countries to be covered by Bangladesh Missions abroad

In keeping with its growing economy, exemplary success in socio-economic development, pivotal role in the global peace keeping operations and vibrant engagement with the multinational forums, topical and cross cutting issues of importance, Bangladesh has been widening its diplomatic presence in the friendly countries.

The present government has attached due importance to gradually expanding the diplomatic network and as a result of the drive, in the last 05 years 11 Bangladesh Missions (Athens, Brasilia, Lisbon, Mexico City, Port Louis, Beirut, Istanbul, Kunming, Milan, Mumbai and Vienna) abroad were either opened or re-opened and two (02) other missions (Warsaw and Copenhagen) are expected to be in operation by the end of this fiscal year.

At present Bangladesh has 69 missions abroad. Bangladesh maintains its diplomatic relations with the rest of the world either through concurrent accreditation or by appointing Honorary Consuls General or Honorary Consuls.

Against this backdrop, the Government reviewed the existing arrangement of concurrent accreditation and decided to accredite 38 Bangladesh Missions abroad with the responsibility to maintain ties with 96 countries of the world.

Before the re-arrangement, 30 Bangladesh Missions abroad used to be concurrently accredited to 69 countries. Therefore, the review thus has enabled Bangladesh to cover 27 additional countries through its diplomatic outposts. This expansion will give the country more edge in terms of reaching out to a greater global audience.

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